Priesendorf: home of the gartner and froscher

Priesendorf: home of the gartner and froscher

The name "froscher, the name given to the people of priesendorf in earlier times comes from the former trade that they carried out. The main occupation of the people was agriculture. The meager income was supplemented by the sale of gathered berries and self-tied brooms. Additionally, the priesendorfers served as frog catchers, quasi "froscher".

Today there are more than 1500 inhabitants living in the area of priesendorf, who probably do not earn their living by catching reptiles. The "frog fountain" is a humorous relic of the frog catching days next to the pilgrimage chapel.

Life in priesendorf

The community in the near of the district border between lower and upper franconia lies in the middle of nature. Even though only a small percentage of priesendorfers earn their money from gardening, rather than the majority, priesendorf products can still be purchased on the markets. Nowadays it is mainly flowers and christmas trees in the advent season.

In addition to the nursery, there are numerous other employers in priesendorf who provide a livelihood for many of the citizens. The designation of new building areas and affordable building land are attracting young families to the village and providing a breath of fresh air in the community. A daycare center, school, sports facilities, and other amenities meet the needs of new and established residents and increase the comfort of living in the village.

A newly built sliding sports center with various offers for sport shooters, tennis courts and a riding school are just some of the recreational activities that are possible in priesendorf. A multitude of associations invites to social gatherings and to one or the other festivity in the village. There is a curling club, a choral society, a group of free and independent archers, a musical society, an orchard and gardening society, an organ-building society and a volunteer fire department and some other associations.

Worth seeing

A special feature of the village is the parish church st. Bartholomaus, which was built in the thirties. It stands in the center of the village like a medieval fortress and has a corner tower with an unusual folded roof. Somewhat older is the in 18. Chapel of the virgin mary built in the sixteenth century. The small church houses a pilgrimage image of the mother of god, depicted on a throne. The statue was made around 1500 and is therefore of great value. Worth seeing is also the coffered ceiling. The chapel has recently been completely cleaned and renovated.

Far from the sacral highlights of the village, there is a very different kind of attraction: the beer corner. Due to the incredibly high density of breweries – 14 breweries on 14 kilometers of road in the region – the communities of burgebrach, schonbrunn, lisberg and priesendorf have joined forces and given it a name: bierecke.


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