What us sports will lose due to the corona crisis

What us sports will lose due to the corona crisis

The rough U.S. Leagues are far removed from the loud wailing of the fubball league. But the financial damage to the NBA, NHL, MLS and MLB caused by the corona crisis is gigantic and exceeds that of the most important german sports product many times over.

At least five billion U.S. Dollars (the equivalent of about 4.7 billion euros) will be lost by leagues and teams in the united states, according to an analysis by "forbes" magazine. If the seasons can’t be completed, this sum will rise to at least ten billion dollars. Reminder: the bundesliga is at risk of losing about 750 million euros in the event of an abortion.

"Whether sports or not sports – the entire economy is extremely affected by this. There’s a lot more to come, it’s hitting all the industries extremely hard right now," german national basketball player maxi kleber told the deutsche presse-agentur. "Of course, the NBA is a huge money factory. There is now a lot lost for the time being. But the most important thing is the health of all people, so this is really secondary."

Remarkable: although the nba is at a particularly critical point, because according to rights expert chris bevilacqua, a large part of the tv money is directly linked to the playoffs, clubs and especially players from the world’s best basketball league were among the first to pledge donations to help the weak in american society.

Mark cuban, for example, kleber’s boss at the dallas mavericks and owner of dirk nowitzki’s longtime team, thought of the many hourly workers who will now lose a large part of their income for an indefinite period of time in his first live interview just a few minutes after the announcement of the season interruption and while his mavericks were still playing.

19-year-old new orleans pelicans star zion williamson promised to pay the salaries of the people who sold popcorn and drinks, cleaned toilets and checked tickets in the hall under normal circumstances for 30 days. Meanwhile, dozens of teams from the U.S. Leagues have pledged donations to funds that will take care of gym workers.

How all the indirectly affected teams are to be helped, on the other hand, is unclear. Even the NFL, whose first game of the season will not be played until september, is already being affected by the pandemic. In april, the best new players are to be selected by teams at the so-called draft in las vegas. The league has long since decided that this will happen this year without spectators. What this means in numbers is hard to say, but in 2019 there were about 600 people.000 people went to nashville for this – and went to eat there, booked hotel rooms, bought a.

The corona crisis is also hard for the TV stations in the states. For some, it is comparatively easy to replace the missing live games with shows or movies. For pure sports broadcasters like ESPN, on the other hand, it’s a massive problem. The solution in most cases: show games from the past. How rough the need is, but shows the program of ESPN2 on this sunday, which then as usual only on 8. August to be renamed ESPN8: the ocho. Then you can see: cherry pit spitting, the death diving world championships or the college championships in spikeball.


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