In coburg, twelve chestnut trees must be replaced

Since 1987, twelve chestnut trees have been standing in the gustav-hirschfeld-ring and are thus still relatively young. Actually they had at least 50 years ahead of them. The damage is now so severe that the land office is forced to take action and cut down the trees.

The reasons for this are complex, says bernhard ledermann, head of the land office. The chestnuts are infested with the chestnut leaf miner and weakened by subsequent fungal diseases. "Moreover, the trees have too little root space", ledermann explains. In addition, there is the extreme drought in the past years. "Due to all these circumstances, the chestnuts have shown a significant loss of vitality", says ledermann. Although the chestnuts have been standing for a good 30 years, they look pretty rough, ledermann explains.

Not an optimal location

The location is not optimal for the chestnuts either. The road, the sidewalk and the parking lot hinder the trees in their growth. Underground pipes cause lack of space. There is not much space left for the trees. The changing climate and the resulting increase in conditions for the trees cause additional problems. "As long as the chestnuts were growing, everything was good", says ledermann. But since they don’t, action has to be taken, and for that the trees have to come out, ledermann says.

But it’s not enough just to cut down the chestnuts. The open planting areas need to be rehabilitated and will therefore be excavated to a depth of about 1.20 to 1.50 meters. The areas are then filled with a special substrate. Chestnuts will then no longer grow there. The gingko tree is the new species of tree that will grace the hospital hill. "The gingko tree is a distinctive city tree that we don’t have in coburg so far", female ledermann.

Coburg "alice in wonderland on CD

The trees are underplanted with ground cover roses, which are considered insect-friendly and serve as a grazing plant for bees. All in all, ledermann expects an investment of around 25,000 euro. "One tree costs about 2000 euros,", says ledermann. The work is being carried out in a separate tree inspection by the public works department. One advantage of the new tree species is that, in comparison to chestnuts, it is possible to accommodate a lot of greenery on a small area.

Row of trees is to be established

The land office wants to use the gringkobaumen to establish a row of trees that can realize their growth potential. Ledermann especially points out the cow effect of the trees. "Trees have a great importance for the cityscape", says the head of the land office. "Inner cities are heating up more and more." Trees not only provide shade, but also reduce temperatures noticeably and filter fine dust and CO² from the air.

Start of the arrangements for the tree removal is on monday, 29. October, when the parking lots have to be closed off. One day later there will be a full closure of the gustav-hirschfeld-ring on high dr. Hans-schlack-strabe to the crossing at ketschendorfer strabe, so that the trees can be cut down. For two weeks, from wednesday, 31. October, an, ledermann assumes minor restrictions in the gustav-hirschfeld-ring. This may lead to half-lane closures in the area of the tree locations.

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Ledermann also mentions further tree removals for the future with the creidlitzer and neustadter strabe. But these are old trees that could be replaced due to time constraints.


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