Playing with fire

Playing with fire

Thurnau – smoke detectors can save lives. "If you don't have one installed in your apartment or house, you're playing with fire", says district fire inspector siegfried zillig after the fire in thurnau, which killed an 81-year-old man on thursday due to smoke poisoning.

The fire in thurnau and the attempted arson in oberzettlitz have led to renewed discussion about the importance of smoke detectors. How important are these?
Siegfried zillig: without referring to the current fire, we know from many other incidents that smoke alarms save lives. They trigger the alarm at an early stage and wake up sleeping people. 70 percent of the 200,000 or so fires registered in germany each year occur at night. 95 percent of the people who die in fires do not die from burns, but from smoke poisoning, such as that caused by smoldering fires. If a smoke detector goes off, the chances of everything ending well are much greater.

Corona crisis: moll has to stop production – plant in bad staffelstein to be closed down

Starting next week, european production plants of many automakers will be gradually shut down, including the VW group and all its brands, including volkswagen, audi, porsche and seat and others, daimler-benz and BMW. General motors and ford now also closing plants in the USA. Employees to be protected.

This has consequences for local suppliers: as of monday, the moll battery plant in bad staffelstein will also be closed down. Since wednesday, the company has been preparing for the closure. The 320 or so employees will receive short-time benefits, and only a small crew is still on site to accept remaining deliveries of goods, to look after parts of the production facilities and to make deliveries from stock. In addition, a production line is being kept in operation to manufacture batteries in small quantities for customers outside the auto industry.

Numerous arrests during nationwide strike in sudan

Numerous arrests during nationwide strike in sudan

Opposition groups in sudan began a nationwide strike on sunday. They want to put pressure on the military transitional council to hand over power to a civilian government.

It is about a "peaceful form of resistance", the trade union confederation SPA announced on twitter. Only doctors and nurses were exempt from the general strike so that sick and injured people could continue to be treated.

Guardrail cut down to 100 meters

guardrail cut down to 100 meters

On saturday shortly after midnight the rear left tire of a tractor unit burst. A tractor-trailer loaded with air freight was on its way to frankfurt. The 63-year-old greek truck driver had no chance to take corrective action. The tractor unit overturned and became wedged in the left lane with the trailer. Spilled diesel fuel spread on the opposite lane and seeped into the soil at the central guard rail. The fire departments of geiselwind and schlusselfeld supported the barrier removal and cleaning work.

For the duration of the salvage work, the highway had to be completely closed for a time. After the truck was salvaged, the water management office decided that the diesel-contaminated soil had to be dredged and disposed of. For this reason, the left lane remained closed until shortly before 3 p.M. The truck driver himself escaped with a minor shoulder injury. Fortunately, other road users remained unharmed, which is almost miraculous considering that the median barrier was depressed to 100 meters.

City appeals to motorists

City appeals to motorists

Two damaged roads and an application for traffic calming were dealt with by the building committee of the eltmann city council at its meeting on monday afternoon. Once again it became clear that if motorists behaved according to the traffic regulations, there would be no need for many signs.

In the concrete case it concerns the ruckertstrabe in eltmann, a narrow residential street in eltmann. It’s a steep climb, and even when turning in, mayor michael ziegler (CSU) and the members of the construction committee had to drive carefully because the first parked car slowed down the driveway. A turning mull vehicle or also a rescue vehicle had had first problems. Further up, where the road runs parallel to the slope, there is almost continuous parking on one side. "Nobody in their right mind drives faster than 30 km/h, rather slower", said city councilor bruno wittig (CSU). Nevertheless, residents complain about speeding and would like to see the speed limit reduced to 30 kilometers per hour.

Survival in the world war

Survival in the world war

"The air raids were so bad. We were terribly frightened and hid under the highway bridge at night", 83-year-old ilse foegelle from heiligenstadt tells the story. The senior citizen is on the board of the ebermannstadt seniors’ association "55 plus, who carries out some actions together with students of the middle school ebermannstadt.

This time teacher claudia engemann asked the chairman of the seniors’ representation, wolfgang mehrer, if a contemporary witness could tell something about the time around the second world war, since this was a topic in the history lessons. Ilse foegelle agreed to do so and told the attentively listening young people about her life.

“Thank you marie” – roxette star fredriksson dies at 61

The singer of the pop duo roxette, marie fredriksson, is dead. This is what your management said on tuesday. She died monday morning after battling cancer for 17 years. Fredriksson was 61 years old.

Fredriksson celebrated with songwriter per gessle as pop duo roxette from the 90s around the world successes. Already in 1986 their debut album "pearls of passion" made them stars in sweden. The international breakthrough followed in 1989 with the worldwide hit "the look. It was roxette’s first number one hit on the billboard charts.

Athens plans early repayment of iwf loans

athens plans early repayment of iwf loans

This was announced by the greek finance minister euklid tsakalotos with. "The debt to the IMF is too expensive. Just over five percent and we can now borrow money (on the money market) for about 3.4 percent," tsakalotos told radio station rthess 94.5 from thessaloniki.

IMF loans of around four billion euros are involved. "If you repay early, you gain money and then you can lower taxes," the finance minister added.