City appeals to motorists

City appeals to motorists

Two damaged roads and an application for traffic calming were dealt with by the building committee of the eltmann city council at its meeting on monday afternoon. Once again it became clear that if motorists behaved according to the traffic regulations, there would be no need for many signs.

In the concrete case it concerns the ruckertstrabe in eltmann, a narrow residential street in eltmann. It’s a steep climb, and even when turning in, mayor michael ziegler (CSU) and the members of the construction committee had to drive carefully because the first parked car slowed down the driveway. A turning mull vehicle or also a rescue vehicle had had first problems. Further up, where the road runs parallel to the slope, there is almost continuous parking on one side. "Nobody in their right mind drives faster than 30 km/h, rather slower", said city councilor bruno wittig (CSU). Nevertheless, residents complain about speeding and would like to see the speed limit reduced to 30 kilometers per hour.

According to the city administration and the police, this is not really necessary and probably also not conducive to achieving the goal, because "if you drive too fast there, you don’t look at the signs", according to mayor michael ziegler. "After all, you always have to drive adapted within built-up areas and be able to stop at any time", he explained. In addition, the ruckertstrabe is only 4.60 meters wide in one section. Half-side parking is only permitted if there is a residual width of 3.05 meters for rescue vehicles and refuse collection – this is not the case here.

Committee members agreed that installing signs will not improve the situation. Because this topic is also raised again and again in many other residential streets, the mayor wants to address driving behavior in residential areas in general again in the newsletter.

The ruckert road also includes a stichstrabe, which again leads steeply uphill. The roadway is in poor condition and the cross gutter at the fub is compressed, undersized and therefore almost always clogged. This is how the water slides down to the limbacher strabe when it rains. The administration was instructed to examine a possible road rehabilitation; in any case, a heavy-load gutter must be installed at the mouth of the road.

The road "am ohrberg" is being rehabilitated, also steep and richly "blessed" with potholes. Burgermeister michael ziegler informed the committee that the tender was successful. It will cost around 54,000 euros to clear the surface and apply a new surface course.


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