World press photo: deceiving and spectacular exhibition

World press photo: deceiving and spectacular exhibition

The face of hatred wears a tie and a suit. The assassin shot russian diplomat andrei karlov in the back just as he was about to open the exhibition "russia as seen by the turks" in ankara. The diplomat collapses at the lectern, mortally wounded. The assassin, 22-year-old turkish policeman mevlut mert altintas, suddenly appears anything but respectable: he repeatedly shouts "allahu akbar" with a distorted face and a pistol in his hand – god is cruel. Then he is killed by security officials.

Photographer burhan ozbilici, who has worked for the AP news agency for 30 years, was at the event in private. He still had his camera with him. Perhaps because he has often reported from war and crisis zones, he remained calm despite the general panic and captured the inconceivable – the strong-nerved moment was to make him the winner of the world press photo competition 2016.

Out of joint

The attentater and his victim united in one picture – for the viewer this is anything but easily digestible food. Murder, manslaughter and terror, plus disasters and catastrophes – the world is not a peaceful place. Some say: things have gone off the rails. The accompanying images – often deceasing and spectacular – are provided by the world press photo exhibition.

This time the jury had to choose the best press photos from more than 80,000 entries. 45 photographers were honored in eight categories, including three german photographers. More than 5000 photographers from 125 countries took part in the competition.

Travelling exhibition

The world press photo foundation is an independent, non-profit organization that was founded in the netherlands in 1955. Your goal: to support the work of professional press photographers. Over time, world press photo has developed into a renowned platform for photojournalism. The annual award-winning photos are shown in a traveling exhibition that is seen in more than 80 cities around the world – according to the organizer, by more than a million visitors.

Kitzingen is traditionally – now in its twelfth year – the smallest exhibition venue, attracting up to 20,000 visitors. From 12. February to 11. In march, all 176 victors’ pictures are on display in the town hall hall. Geoffnet is open every day from 10 a.M. To 7 p.M. The entrance is free.

Evening events

In addition, several public evening events are planned, each of which will begin at 19.30 o’clock start. Among other things, there will be an extra guided tour and lecture for teachers. The background is that over 30 school classes visit the exhibition every year. On 22. February is planned an ecumenical evening under the heading "and lead us not into temptation", on the 2. Marz the association of the twin towns holds an event.

In addition, one of the german prize winners will come to kitzingen: on 8. On march, photographer kai pfaffenbach will be at the exhibition; the next day, he will discuss the world’s best press photos with students at the armin knab high school in kitzingen.


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