Numerous arrests during nationwide strike in sudan

Numerous arrests during nationwide strike in sudan

Opposition groups in sudan began a nationwide strike on sunday. They want to put pressure on the military transitional council to hand over power to a civilian government.

It is about a "peaceful form of resistance", the trade union confederation SPA announced on twitter. Only doctors and nurses were exempt from the general strike so that sick and injured people could continue to be treated.

New marketplace in schwarzach as a lively center and attraction

New marketplace in schwarzach as a lively center and attraction

Even the sky showed some understanding when the start of the inauguration of the redesigned market square in schwarzach was to begin. The rain actually stopped a few minutes before the ceremony, which was attended not only by the guests of honor but also by a large number of burgers from the community. The tables and benches set up in the new town center were wiped down once again, so that it was later still possible to dine dry under the open sky.

"I’m glad you came here despite the lousy weather," said schwarzach’s mayor lothar nagel, first burying the people for whom the community’s new center was created, namely the burghers. The square and the buildings around it support the center of the town, many generations, according to nagel, have helped to build it.

Could markus soder become the new chancellor?

could markus soder become the new chancellor?

The bavarian minister-president markus soder has become the union's most promising potential chancellor candidate in the corona crisis, according to a survey.

53 percent of germans are in favor of soder as chancellor, according to a survey conducted on thursday (07. May 2020) published by ARD-deutschlandtrend from "infratest dimap" (deutschlandtrend, commissioned by: ARD) the opinion that the CSU politician would be a good candidate for chancellor of the CDU, reports the german press agency. Compared with the last survey in february, soder's rating has risen by a whopping 22 percentage points.

“Das gott”? Union people argue about schroder’s idea

Bavaria’s social affairs minister christine haderthauer (CSU) said in the "bild" newspaper about the federal family minister’s reappraisal: "this headlong nonsense leaves me speechless. I find it sad when our children are deprived of the strong images that are so important for their imagination out of sheer insecurity and political correctness."

The secretary of state in the federal environment ministry, katherina reiche (CDU), also finds the idea of her party colleague schroder absurd: "the dear god remains the dear god!"CSU member of parliament stephan mayer even got political: "instead of starting completely pointless debates again and again, the minister should just do her job for once."

Csu may not let the “puma” go

Csu may not let the 'puma' go

Bernhard panzer apparently the CSU has not yet gotten over the fact that the city did not make an effort to buy the former puma administration building in wurzburger strabe. Group chairman bernhard schwab addressed the issue of the "interim city hall in his budget speech at the last city council meeting to. His party had been rebuffed by the mayor with a proposal to buy the building, he stated again.

Schwab’s main criticism was that the city council had not even been given the opportunity to look at the building. Because the mayor had decided on it with a few confidants.

Fdp rallies around party leader rosler

Fdp rallies around party leader rosler

Rosler had only said what everyone knew, namely that things could not go on like this, FDP faction leader rainer bruderle said on ZDF on wednesday.

"The key to solving the problems does not lie in berlin, it lies in athens". The greeks are in for it, and a german minister must be allowed to say so," bruderle emphasized. The liberal economics ministers of lower saxony, saxony, bavaria and hesse also backed rosler’s controversial revisions in a conference call, demanding that greece fulfill its reform pledges at all costs.

“Forestry gem”: former head dr. Richard Schute turns 90

His 90. Birthday celebrations on wednesday, 13. September, dr. Richard schute from gersfeld. The former head of the federal forestry office wildflecken retired from active forestry service in september 1992 because he had reached the age limit. He headed the federal forestry office for almost 33 years and turned it into a "forestry gem".
He stood for a successful symbiosis of forest, game and hunting and he advocated that gray and green coats stay together. Schute is a distinctive, stable person who always remains true to himself and does not submit to time currents. He has, like no one else, protected national interests and shown great understanding for the stationed or serving troops. For many years, units of the U.S. Armed forces and the german armed forces were stationed in wildflecken.
Some burdens, such as the safety of the population, an adequate water supply, the prevention of erosion damage, and dust and larvae control measures were mitigated, avoided, or ensured through the actions of the forestry director.
Schute, as a forester, has also made an effective contribution to nature conservation. Many wetlands and other biotopes have been preserved, created, or are being favoured. He has left his mark on the landscape and thus given the forestry office a high ecological and economic status. He presided over his subordinates, his office, stood up for them and also stood up for many a situation through.

Outstanding achievement

As district group chairman of the hunting community, schute was an upright, relentless supporter of german hunting. His comprehensive knowledge of wildlife biology distinguished him. As a member of the executive board of the bad bruckenau district group in the bavarian hunting association, a member of the hunter examination commission in the lower franconia region, chairman of the forestry committee of the lower franconia region group in the bavarian hunting association, head of the hunting association and head of the wild boar ring, he has achieved outstanding things and left his mark.
The hunters of the district's largest hunting association unanimously elected him as their leader. The foundation of a habitually strong mouflon deer population was a successful rough hit and also enriches its account.
Schute has, like hardly anyone else, always been committed to hunting in a way that protects animals. Many publications in "wild und hund, in the "lower saxony jager, lectures in the district group and before the hunters' association of the city and country of schweinfurt as well as the "articles of war" announced by him before each hunt gave evidence of his noble spirit. Forest, game and hunting are perfectly compatible with each other.
He is the author of the book "the rhon, land in the heart of germany." 

Can the city save the climate?

The dramatic situation in bamberg in the summer of 2019 is currently becoming drastically apparent in memmelsdorfer strabe: a two-trunk birch tree at dientzenhofer gymnasium has died within just 14 days.

More stately trees fail in the scorching heat and persistent drought. Even robust linden and oak trees are now experiencing difficulties. There is simply no water, and this is already in its second year. "It could rain until the end of the year, there would still be a deficit", explains head of the garden office robert neuberth.

From the “laughing stock” to the top

From the

Hochstadt – fifteen people met in 1927 with one goal: to found a sports club in hochstadt. A workers' club, to be precise a. And so they got together to create the ASV hochstadt. Already one year later one took up officially the play enterprise, until during the nazi time all worker associations were forbidden. Also the ASV suffered from 1933 on, they had to stop the operation completely.

Re-founded after the war

In 1947, after the war, the association was reestablished. However, severe losses had to be accepted. Some of the former members did not return from the war. "After the war, most of the members of ASV were "workers", says honorary chairman gunther grunbaum.
For the time being, however, one could establish in hochstadt. Spvgg etzelskirchen's predecessor, DJK hochstadt, played on ASV's land, as did rival TSV hochstadt. And from 1964, the ASV was even allowed to call a sports home its own.
But with the youth it went steadily downhill. Fewer and fewer young people were in the club. 1990 one could place only a first team and the gymnastic ladies. But the ASV held together. "Camaraderie has always been a big thing at ASV", tells robert rosenhahn, press spokesman of the association. But the sporting success has always been lacking.
But then the tide turned when the new youth leader ignaz zenkel brought momentum to the club. While little had previously been done for the youth department, this has now changed abruptly. "When we used to have a good man, he came to TSV", says honorary chairman grunbaum. Starting in 1990, the ASV rebuilt the entire youth team. In 1996, the clubhouse was rebuilt, all on the club's own initiative, a fact of which the club is very proud.

Spd and grune accuse new anti-euro party of populism

Spd and grune accuse new anti-euro party of populism

"This is not unheard of for parties that want to preserve european common sense and keep the party together."Grunen faction leader jurgen trittin told the newspaper: "the "alternative for germany has a program for job destruction in the german export industry."

The anti-euro party plans to found itself in berlin this sunday, paving the way for success in the federal election. Their core demand is the end of the common currency in europe and a possible return to the deutschmark. The party defends itself against accusations that it has right-wing populist or xenophobic tendencies.