Corona crisis: moll has to stop production – plant in bad staffelstein to be closed down

Starting next week, european production plants of many automakers will be gradually shut down, including the VW group and all its brands, including volkswagen, audi, porsche and seat and others, daimler-benz and BMW. General motors and ford now also closing plants in the USA. Employees to be protected.

This has consequences for local suppliers: as of monday, the moll battery plant in bad staffelstein will also be closed down. Since wednesday, the company has been preparing for the closure. The 320 or so employees will receive short-time benefits, and only a small crew is still on site to accept remaining deliveries of goods, to look after parts of the production facilities and to make deliveries from stock. In addition, a production line is being kept in operation to manufacture batteries in small quantities for customers outside the auto industry.

Unclear situation

The situation at the automotive plants is unclear, and it is not yet clear how long the plants will actually have to close. "There are different statements", says managing director gertrud moll-mohrstedt. "We are in a dramatic situation."


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