Guardrail cut down to 100 meters

guardrail cut down to 100 meters

On saturday shortly after midnight the rear left tire of a tractor unit burst. A tractor-trailer loaded with air freight was on its way to frankfurt. The 63-year-old greek truck driver had no chance to take corrective action. The tractor unit overturned and became wedged in the left lane with the trailer. Spilled diesel fuel spread on the opposite lane and seeped into the soil at the central guard rail. The fire departments of geiselwind and schlusselfeld supported the barrier removal and cleaning work.

For the duration of the salvage work, the highway had to be completely closed for a time. After the truck was salvaged, the water management office decided that the diesel-contaminated soil had to be dredged and disposed of. For this reason, the left lane remained closed until shortly before 3 p.M. The truck driver himself escaped with a minor shoulder injury. Fortunately, other road users remained unharmed, which is almost miraculous considering that the median barrier was depressed to 100 meters.


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