Providing a different view of africa

Providing a different view of africa

"We want to show a relativized picture of africa. It’s not all good, but it’s not all bad either", hanza diman explains the goal of [email protected]. Together with six colleagues, diman organizes events at schools, makes inquiries to speakers and liaises with educational institutions. In coburg, these are so far the gymnasium ernestinum and the kindergarten leo. "We are pleased to be increasingly known outside bayreuth as well. It’s nice that we are in coburg today", said diman at the youngest visit.

Originally founded by participants of the bayreuth international graduate school of african studies (BIGSAS for short), [email protected] has been part of the model african union bayreuth association since last year, which teaches young people about political conditions in africa by simulating african union congresses. There, the participants slip into the role of individual african countries and then have to make political decisions for their country.

In the course of this takeover, the range of services offered by [email protected] has also been expanded. "We used to target only high schools, now we are open to all kinds of institutions", hanza diman explained. The team is often in elementary school, but also in sports clubs or even in prisons. The content of [email protected] also varies depending on the institution and target group. "We want to discuss africa at all levels and make the topic present", said the founder.

The students in coburg learned that more than 200 languages are spoken in cameroon. Andreas wust discussed the beginning of the arab spring and what happened in tunisia at that time with the schoolchildren.


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