The preservation of the past

The preservation of the past

Riedbach's incumbent mayor bernd fischer (CSU) wants a second term in office. The customs official has led the municipality since 2014 and wants to continue to do so "in order to make the municipality fit for the future". The 49-year-old sees the biggest challenge in investments in infrastructure (water, sewers, sewage treatment plants, trenches, daycare facilities). He does not want to overburden the citizens financially and would like to use synergies with other municipalities. "Intercommunal cooperation is very important, in my opinion indispensable (…). The wheel does not have to be reinvented, we can benefit from each other."

Fischer is very satisfied with the hofheim administrative community, where capable employees perform tasks for a fee and open up demand programs. He also sees the possibility of developing a commercial area as an area for action.

The strong of the community? "The community of riedbach is ideally located logistically to the centers of schweinfurt, wurzburg, bamberg, coburg and nurnberg. The voluntary commitment is disproportionate. Many projects, for example in the field of village renewal and day care centers for children, have already been handled by my supervisors."

Citizens should have a say

To make riedbach fit for the future, fischer wants to involve the citizens with their competencies in planning for the future. The foundation of a burger workshop is planned. Fischer wants to counteract demographic change and make riedbach even more attractive.

The new cycle path and accommodation facilities boost tourism. The opnv is expandable. Fischer wants to counter climate change with reforestation projects and energy savings. 


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