So already becomes the bad bruckenauer middle school

No word from the city council on the planned medical center in georgi park. "In one of the next meetings the subject will be presented to the public", said michael worschech on inquiry of this newspaper.

The facade of the middle school appealed to the council members right away. Unanimously, they waved through the concept, which is based on beige, light green colors and a darker green. It was only with a heavy heart that the city council realized during the planning phase that the regional slate, which had previously provided protection from the weather, could not be preserved. The structural interventions during the general renovation are too rough.

Instead, fiber-cement-bonded panels are used, which are provided with graffiti protection, as was explained on request. The two-storey main building will be designed in a light beige color. The two single-story annexes will feature a play of colors from different panels.

Bike path will not be cleared

In anticipation of the budget, the city council also unanimously decided to have two rooms in the music school expanded. One of the two rooms could be rented to the carnivalists, who are looking for a new exercise room. The other is intended for the family alliance. The project has been running since september and aims to improve the city’s family work in the long term. According to the city council, the extension will cost around 24.000 euro.

Bike lanes are generally not cleared by the city, it said on request. Mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) explained that the building yard is concentrating on the important areas. This has already been a topic in the rhonallianz, too. Councillor erwin miller (freie burgers) argued that the new railroad cycle path should either be cleared in its entirety or not at all, so that cyclists would not have to turn back halay along the route again.

Second mayor jurgen pfister (PWG) pointed out that the cycle path in the city area is crossed by roads a total of four times. Especially the crossing at the hammelburger berg he considers dangerous. Vehicles coming around the bend from the direction of the city are not prepared for cyclists. Meyerdierks replied that the required safety signage was already in place. In addition, the city can also draw attention to the road.

Point by point from the city council

Building application the city council had no objections to the plan of peter karl and jennifer frank to build a single-family house in jahnstrabe. Among other things, the building is to be taller than permitted by the development plan. In this and other points, the committee liked to make an exception.

Carnival meeting on 12. February will again feature a carnival session of the city council. Mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) encouraged everyone to get involved creatively. The meeting begins at 19.30 o’clock. Around 9 p.M. The jesters perform.

After the sale of the former landratsamt, the tafel has to look for new premises. A flat between 150 and 200 square meters is sought. The mayoress expressed her hope that a place would be found so that the board would not have to dissolve.


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