Neuensee village festival

On saturday, 18. August, and sunday, 19. August, the michelau district of neuensee celebrates its village festival. The event is one of the highlights of the year in the district of lichtenfels and attracts numerous visitors from near and far. It is above all the culinary delicacies that make the festival, which is celebrated right in the middle of town in front of the old school, so popular. The schwurbitzer strabe in the core area of the village is therefore already closed from the morning onwards. The traffic from sonnefeld in the direction of schwurbitz and zettlitz intersection will be diverted via michelau. But since the bridge in marktzeuln is closed anyway, the additional impact on through traffic was kept within limits.

The event is under the auspices of the 2. Mayor dirk rosenbauer, who opened the 27th neuenseer. Village festival will be opened with the tapping of beer. For the festival the village community has again organized one of the biggest smokers in europe.

The energy bundle stands like a steam engine. The dimensions with a length of almost ten meters, a width of 2.25 meters and a height of 3.50 meters leave you breathless. The giant mammoth smoker weighs a full three tons. About 800 portions of food can be brought to the man or woman. "We have learned from last year’s mistakes", betrayal matthias hofmann of the volunteer fire department. But she couldn’t help the long lines that formed in front of the smoker last year. Some of the hungry even turned away in a huff and tried their luck at one of the other stands.

This year there will be a new edition with more staff. The range of BBQ dishes is so extensive that only bacon/cheese from black angus "pulled pork" is mentioned here and "pulled beef and spare ribs can be called. And it comes with the right side dishes. Also the vegetarians get their money’s worth with baked feta with bread. Directly opposite, the restaurant "goldenes eichhorn" is serving food from weidhausen delicious on. Sauerbraten, beef with horseradish, shovel and knuckle of pork are available for lunch on saturday, and on sunday the menu offers duck breast, roulade and pepper roast.

Fish specialties, langos and more

Fish lovers can look forward to fish and salmon sandwiches and the popular calamari at the soldier comradeship and the lisel tempts with the most diverse langos specialties. Original sudtiroler speck and almkase from hay flower milk offers the weinstadel. For dessert, the cafeteria will be happy to serve you a big slice of cake or pie, while the sub corner will treat you to ice cream, waffles and ice cream parlors.

Of course, the village community also participates in the action of the district administration, which promotes non-alcoholic drinks. Non-alcoholic cocktails are available at the punch and fruit juice bar.

It is just the rough feast of culinary delights as you have come to know and love the neuenseer dorffest in the past 25 years. The local associations in neuensee not only attach importance to the physical well-being of their guests, but also to the best musical entertainment. It starts on saturday from 19 o’clock with the "dochrinna", the party band from franken. Where "dochrinna" on the stage, good mood is guaranteed. Folk music, hits, party and mood hits, unforgettable oldies as well as the current charts are part of the repertoire. "Dochrinna" makes for a good mood at the event. From 21 o’clock begins also the bar. Then the village party is perfect.

For the early pint on sunday the schwurbitz brass band plays and you really don’t have to introduce them to anyone in our region.

After a quieter afternoon, livemusic follows once again. "We are us", the musical duo gitti and frank convince with their repertoire that ranges from the 1970s disco hits to the german schlager, 2000s to the current charts and brand new hits. Gitti, whose best friend, according to her own statement, is her microphone, and frank, a "super optimal cuddle-singer" know how to enchant the audience. "We love to entertain you is your motto, which gives you a busy schedule.

Of course we have also thought about the little visitors. On saturday, 18. August, comes the playmobile of the district for the children. However, the little ones will have to do without their beloved punch and judy show in the parish hall this year due to a scheduling conflict.


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