Federal government demands wm visa for journalist seppelt

federal government demands wm visa for journalist seppelt

"We consider this acceptance by the russian authorities to declare mr. Seppelt’s visa invalid to be wrong," said government spokesman steffen seibert in berlin. "We appeal to the russian leadership to allow this german correspondent to enter the country to report on the world soccer championship"."

FIFA, the world governing body for soccer, should also "emphatically" support the granting of visas to seppelt, seibert demanded. Free reporting on the world cup must be guaranteed. "We are of the opinion that it is bad manners for russia as a host to so obviously curtail the freedom of press and opinion in front of the eyes of the world."

The ARD had announced on friday that the visa applied for by SWR for seppelt for the title fights of 14. June to 15. July had been declared invalid. The journalist is on a list of "undesirable persons" in russia and therefore cannot enter the russian federation. The station said that no further details were given about the reasons for the incident.


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