Survival in the world war

Survival in the world war

"The air raids were so bad. We were terribly frightened and hid under the highway bridge at night", 83-year-old ilse foegelle from heiligenstadt tells the story. The senior citizen is on the board of the ebermannstadt seniors’ association "55 plus, who carries out some actions together with students of the middle school ebermannstadt.

This time teacher claudia engemann asked the chairman of the seniors’ representation, wolfgang mehrer, if a contemporary witness could tell something about the time around the second world war, since this was a topic in the history lessons. Ilse foegelle agreed to do so and told the attentively listening young people about her life.

Discussions about jahn relocation do not rub off

The relocation of jahn forchheim was also a recurring topic in 2018. At the beginning of the year, at the new year's reception, mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD) had already brought up the subject. At the time, he had said that the club had not done its homework in terms of relocation.

This "provocation the members of the jahn forchheim board of directors do not like the idea, saying that the relationship of trust "has been destroyed in one fell swoop".

Bridge to be renewed

Work has recently begun on the new bridge at the western entrance to the town, close to the pommersfelden parish hall. In a report from 2017, the bridge over the rich ebrach was described as "dilapidated" been classified. The bridge was designed for a load-bearing capacity of twelve tons, a value that is no longer appropriate for today’s traffic conditions. Today, new bridges are required to have a load-bearing capacity of 60 tons.

The bridge in pommersfelden connects the main road in the town with the state road 2263 hochstadt-burgebrach. For the construction site, the access road, which was also used by school buses, had to be closed completely. The closure will last until the end of november, the municipality reckons.

Providing a different view of africa

Providing a different view of africa

"We want to show a relativized picture of africa. It’s not all good, but it’s not all bad either", hanza diman explains the goal of [email protected]. Together with six colleagues, diman organizes events at schools, makes inquiries to speakers and liaises with educational institutions. In coburg, these are so far the gymnasium ernestinum and the kindergarten leo. "We are pleased to be increasingly known outside bayreuth as well. It’s nice that we are in coburg today", said diman at the youngest visit.

Originally founded by participants of the bayreuth international graduate school of african studies (BIGSAS for short), [email protected] has been part of the model african union bayreuth association since last year, which teaches young people about political conditions in africa by simulating african union congresses. There, the participants slip into the role of individual african countries and then have to make political decisions for their country.

Women power in the trade

women power in the trade

The trade needs young women. The likes of stefanie hahn. The 19-year-old is currently training to become a plant mechanic for heating, sanitary and air-conditioning technology and is full of motivation. "I went to the business school in kitzingen. I often saw the vehicles of the light, power and water works in kitzingen (LKW) driving around. So i thought i’d apply for an internship there," hahn reports. That’s how the ippesheim woman got to her current training position.

Of course, being an installer was not always stefanie’s dream. When she was a child, she dreamed of becoming a policewoman. During her school years, the only option for the apprentice was technical internships in skilled trades. The young woman was drawn from the automotive workshop to warehouse logistics and on to the trade as a painter and plasterer. After a detour into another apprenticeship, she finally arrived at her current profession. After a vacation job offered to her by LKW kitzingen, she began her training in september of last year.

German elementary school students do well in reading and math

german elementary school students do well in reading and math

Nevertheless, the new IGLU and TIMSS studies presented in berlin on tuesday also show the weaknesses of german elementary school: educational success is still extremely dependent on social background. There are not enough top students in germany in reading, math and science. And as many as one in five children are considered "at-risk" learners whose performance lags behind.

School researcher wilfried bos said: "germany has been able to maintain its high position with its overall performance – and this under more difficult conditions."The proportion of migrant children in german elementary schools has risen to around 27 percent – a quarter more than ten years ago. Overall, the federal republic of germany is on a par with the major OECD industrialized nations.

Wehr rustet with boat and bus on

Wehr rustet with boat and bus on

The autumn festival of the fire department schwarzenau was described by commander jens gunther as "something special". And this in several respects. Father matthaus sandrock blessed two vehicles and norbert kempf, a deserving firefighter, was honored.

New in the inventory of the schwarzenau fire department is a used fire boat, which according to commander jens gunther was acquired a year ago with the approval of the town council. The rescue boat was taken out of service by the firefighting school in wurzburg and, after some repairs, made ready for use again. For a fire department in a community that lies on the river main and has a number of dredging lakes in its area, a boat like this is a useful tool, the commandant emphasized. The second investment is a VW bus. This vehicle also came from the firefighting school and was purchased by the firefighters’ association. Gunther thanked the fire department association for providing the funds and the municipality for covering the operating costs. He also praised those who attended the fire brigade’s festivities, thus enabling the association to make such purchases.

World press photo: deceiving and spectacular exhibition

World press photo: deceiving and spectacular exhibition

The face of hatred wears a tie and a suit. The assassin shot russian diplomat andrei karlov in the back just as he was about to open the exhibition "russia as seen by the turks" in ankara. The diplomat collapses at the lectern, mortally wounded. The assassin, 22-year-old turkish policeman mevlut mert altintas, suddenly appears anything but respectable: he repeatedly shouts "allahu akbar" with a distorted face and a pistol in his hand – god is cruel. Then he is killed by security officials.

Photographer burhan ozbilici, who has worked for the AP news agency for 30 years, was at the event in private. He still had his camera with him. Perhaps because he has often reported from war and crisis zones, he remained calm despite the general panic and captured the inconceivable – the strong-nerved moment was to make him the winner of the world press photo competition 2016.

So already becomes the bad bruckenauer middle school

No word from the city council on the planned medical center in georgi park. "In one of the next meetings the subject will be presented to the public", said michael worschech on inquiry of this newspaper.

The facade of the middle school appealed to the council members right away. Unanimously, they waved through the concept, which is based on beige, light green colors and a darker green. It was only with a heavy heart that the city council realized during the planning phase that the regional slate, which had previously provided protection from the weather, could not be preserved. The structural interventions during the general renovation are too rough.

Bader currently without guests

Bader currently without guests

Anette schreiber alin precup goes to the non-swimmer pool. He wears a jacket and warm jogging pants, kneels at the edge of the pool and lets his left hand glide gently into the water. "It’s soft," he says, he says, and shakes off the fresh wetness. "But cold." At 17 degrees, it is clearly too cold for anyone to feel like diving into one of the two pools. Precup has had little to do in the last few weeks. It is much too quiet for the swimming master in the natural swimming pool in ebrach.

Operating company hit hard

Detlef panzer does not like the whole thing either. He is a member of the operating company that keeps the natural swimming pool going. "We had a lot of bad luck this year", he must realize. First the place was hit by heavy rain, as a result of which the whole bath was silted up and could start the season only three weeks late. "And now this!" With this the second mayor of the market town ebrach means the lousy weather exactly with the beginning of the vacation season. Usually this time of year in august is very busy, with 200 to 300 visitors a day, and more on weekends. All of this hits the operating company particularly hard, since they only built and started up a photovoltaic system in the spring to produce their own electricity for the kiosk and pumping station. This investment was completely financed by the operating company acqua- sana.