Bader currently without guests

Bader currently without guests

Anette schreiber alin precup goes to the non-swimmer pool. He wears a jacket and warm jogging pants, kneels at the edge of the pool and lets his left hand glide gently into the water. "It’s soft," he says, he says, and shakes off the fresh wetness. "But cold." At 17 degrees, it is clearly too cold for anyone to feel like diving into one of the two pools. Precup has had little to do in the last few weeks. It is much too quiet for the swimming master in the natural swimming pool in ebrach.

Operating company hit hard

Detlef panzer does not like the whole thing either. He is a member of the operating company that keeps the natural swimming pool going. "We had a lot of bad luck this year", he must realize. First the place was hit by heavy rain, as a result of which the whole bath was silted up and could start the season only three weeks late. "And now this!" With this the second mayor of the market town ebrach means the lousy weather exactly with the beginning of the vacation season. Usually this time of year in august is very busy, with 200 to 300 visitors a day, and more on weekends. All of this hits the operating company particularly hard, since they only built and started up a photovoltaic system in the spring to produce their own electricity for the kiosk and pumping station. This investment was completely financed by the operating company acqua- sana.

The employees, who are employed on an hourly basis and only earn money when they can work in the bathroom, are also unlucky.

While the ebrah swimming master has to find meaningful activities at the open-air pool, katrin schattle in nearby burgwindheim is not much different – with regard to her children. They sleep longer than usual on this cool august vacation. There is no hurry. In other years, a visit to the open-air swimming pool had been part of the family’s daily vacation program. Season tickets made it possible. But now mom katrin is busy finding alternative vacation activities for her passionate water rats leon (11) and emely (7). In the end, there’s nothing left to do but go on a trip to a place where the kids can get into the water. Luckily a vacation trip was already planned. "It is a pity that the open-air swimming season for the children is cancelled with the beginning of the vacations."

20 degree pit temperatures

School-age children were few and far between in the friday afternoon FT sample in the county’s outdoor pools. In scheblitz, for example, swimming supervisor manfred hofmann sighted just four schoolchildren. The water temperatures had been quite pleasant at 27.5 degrees celsius. However, one probably does not like to wear swim trunks or bikinis at 20 degrees celsius.

In zapfendorf, the temperature of 30 degrees in the leisure pool and 24 in the sports pool could definitely be described as inviting. With the air temperature however with only one degree more than in the not far away scheblitz also not much was offered. Of the 20 visitors in the pools, swimming supervisor christin schmidt was also only able to assign four to the school area.

The aschbach open-air swimming pool topped this: by the afternoon, swimming supervisor martin bund had paid only 30 visitors, including a school pupil. He assesses the overall situation nuchtern: "these are normal visitor numbers – for such a weather." In comparison, the outdoor pool had "more guests" in august of the previous year.

The visitor numbers of the hallstadter outdoor swimming pool from this year prove the unusual august 2019 quite clearly: as press spokeswoman janina selig reports, 43000 visitors came to the outdoor swimming pool this year in heiben june. By friday morning, however, only about 6000 had been paid this august. The temperatures in the pools can’t be to blame. Because thanks to the warmth that michelin provides, the water temperatures are between 25 and 27 degrees.

Hoping for heat

Detlef panzer and his swimming pool master in ebrach can only dream of that. The water temperature in the natural pool depends on the eave temperature. "With nighttime temperatures of 12 and 13 degrees, it takes a corresponding amount of time to warm up during the day." He, like all pool operators and employees and users, hopes that it will now finally be light again.


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