Fdp rallies around party leader rosler

Fdp rallies around party leader rosler

Rosler had only said what everyone knew, namely that things could not go on like this, FDP faction leader rainer bruderle said on ZDF on wednesday.

"The key to solving the problems does not lie in berlin, it lies in athens". The greeks are in for it, and a german minister must be allowed to say so," bruderle emphasized. The liberal economics ministers of lower saxony, saxony, bavaria and hesse also backed rosler’s controversial revisions in a conference call, demanding that greece fulfill its reform pledges at all costs.

On sunday, the federal minister of economics and technology said on ARD television that he was "more than skeptical" that greece would be able to meet the reform requirements and that he had "long since lost his horror" of the country leaving the euro zone. This was not only with the german opposition, but also with prime minister antonis samaras in greece on uprising.

Rosler assured: "greece itself decides on greece’s future. Our principle remains: no performance without counterperformance," he told the "rheinische post" (thursday). He was unimpressed by the criticism and his poor personality ratings. "I am firmly convinced of our course of action."

Criticism also comes from the CDU. Thuringia’s minister president christine lieberknecht accused rosler of party-tactical populism. "Mr. Rosler is obviously speaking as the leader of a party that is still fighting for its survival," the CDU state leader told the "thuringer allgemeine" (wednesday).


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