Candidates on the podium: always objective, once heated

One week to go before the state elections. Not everyone has made up their minds yet, as an audience survey at the start of the FT panel discussion on thursday evening revealed. But for many, the three-hour evening was of some benefit. So when moderator andreas dorsch asked the final question, almost all the hands went up.

A good 150 visitors came to the fortuna kulturfabrik and followed a largely objective, argument-driven discussion. This may also have been due to the fact that the issue of refugees had largely been left aside. Housing shortage, education and training, and the crisis of democracy were the main topics mentioned.

Once, however, it became emotional. When the FDP candidate boulent ekrem, who comes from greece, has lived in herzogenaurach for 32 years and has long been integrated, said to the afd candidate michael meister (also from herzogenaurach): "many people are afraid of their party"." Ekrem received sustained applause from the audience.

At a distance

When the afd local chairman christian bessler then called the left-wing candidate a terrorist sympathizer, there was just as much protest from the rows of visitors. 19-year-old lukas eitel had earlier called on meister to leave the party. If only they would pay their respects to the moderate politicians and distance themselves from inflammatory speakers like bernd hocke. Master had previously said: "I distance myself from mr. Hocke in the clearest possible way." Who is said to be a "submarine the new right sent.

But for most of the evening, the sound of soft tones was heard. It did not become a polemical exchange of blows. The discipline of the speakers contributed to this. Walter nussel (CSU) and alexandra hiersemann (SPD) acted with routine and contributed their previous experience in the state parliament. Lukas eitel received a round of applause for his uninhibited yet well-founded argumentation. Christian enz (freie wahler) and media man michael meister (afd) presented themselves in a rhetorically polished manner, albeit a bit rambling at times. Astrid marschall from the grunen and the somewhat agitated boulent ekrem (FDP) spoke freely from the soul.

And who likes with whom? This upcoming election is as exciting as ever. The CSU needs one or even more coalition partners to continue governing. And in purely mathematical terms, even a four-party government against the CSU is possible for the first time. If the forecasts are to be believed, the "composition will change dramatically", said FT editor andreas dorsch, who moderated the event together with his colleague christian bauriedel.

Black-green? For nussel not

Walter nussel (CSU) could not imagine working with the greens at the moment. This party wants to regulate too much, and that’s not likely to happen with the state government’s bureaucracy commissioner. For hochstadter christian enz, the time is ripe for a civic alternative in government. The CSU needs a sensible coalition partner. Enz: "that can only be us."

The two candidates from grunen and the SPD could not personally imagine electing markus soder as prime minister in the event of government participation with the CSU.

Between the thematic blocks (see page 14 for more details), there were a few rounds of questions for the politicians. These should clean themselves to things typical for them. The green astrid marschall can imagine a windmill in front of the house. But it must not burden you with noise and shadows, so it has to be placed a little bit away from you. Walter nussel was asked whether horst seehofer’s policies as interior minister in the federal government would not harm the CSU in the country. "I think that our party chairman already knows what he is saying", said nussel. But he does not agree with everything.

During the break there were opportunities for discussion. There were small groups standing together, among others the FDP district chairman michael dassler talked with afd candidate michael meister. Signals for cooperation? "We have known each other for a long time", said dassler. Both are about the same age and from herzogenaurach. So rather a private conversation.

Praise from herzogenaurach

Frank greif from hochstadt spoke with christian enz. Greif was once the SPD’s candidate for mayor, but has since left the party and turned to the young list. The first group, which arrived already half an hour before the start, was red-green occupied and from herzogenaurach. A visitor from this city, who had only heard of the FT in passing, was very impressed by the panel discussion. "A great event", praised them.


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