In the event of terror: deployment inside the country

In the event of terror: deployment inside the country

More than 500 officer candidates were sworn in on thursday evening in the bad bockleter spa garden in the presence of bavaria's state minister of the interior and for integration, joachim herrmann. For ten years now, a formal sponsorship has existed between the officers' warrant battalion 2 and the market town of bad bocklet. Lieutenant colonel simon leidner, who has led OA battalion 2 since april 2016, also recalled in this context the former burgermeister wolfgang back, who died at the end of april this year. He was one of the initiators and driving forces behind this sponsorship.
The 88. Officer trainee course includes not only over 80 officer trainees, but also 48 foreign cadets from 17 different nations, including burkina faso, iraq, mali and mongolia. As the commander continued, the new recruits have chosen a profession that is very different in terms of the scope of special responsibility for the lives and health of the men and women entrusted to us, but this profession will give pleasure and variety, fully challenge them every day and present them with new challenges and tasks.

Getting to know countries

"As an officer, you will go through a variety of functions and assignments and get to know many different locations and countries", said the lieutenant colonel, who also pointed out that "the officer is entrusted with the highest good of a free society: the lives of people".
Mayor andreas sandwall also referred to the successful sponsorship between bad bocklet and hammelburg's OA battalion 2. Addressing the prospective officers, he stated that today's federal armed forces are a parliamentary army with the exclusive mission of defending our values. It is subject to the operational authority of the german parliament and thus to the people and not to a person.

Army of all germans

Based on his own basic training at the end of the seventies in mellrichstadt, only 30 kilometers away, "from where you could see the former GDR border with its watchtowers" he is glad today that we have been spared a german civil war, said herrmann. Today the german armed forces are the army of all germans and germany is surrounded in europe only by friends and partners. But that in no way made the bundeswehr superfluous. "It has to master new, global challenges, for example in the fight against islamist terrorism". Today's swearing-in ceremony is a welcome opportunity to express special appreciation, also on behalf of the minister-president. The minister went on to say that the bundeswehr is experiencing challenging times, because "security and peace have a price and so his demand was "an increase in defense investment and better equipment for the troops".
But the minister did not only want to see the troops on foreign missions. For him, it is clear: "in extreme terrorist situations, we need the deployment of the bundeswehr within the country. Although our bavarian police force is well positioned, in such cases (when someone runs through the city with a kalschnikov) it could also be pushed to the limits of its capacity, both in terms of personnel and logistics". A view that was not shared by all guests.
"In view of the continuing terrorist threat, it is necessary to be prepared for extreme cases, he said, adding that the ricin discovery in colonia had recently highlighted a new dimension of the threat. "When the lives of large numbers of people are at stake, we must – as provided for in the basic law – pool all the competencies of the security authorities in our country, from the police to the fire departments, volunteer rescue organizations, the THW and the military, was his demand.
Addressing the prospective officers, he explained that "the oath you are taking today is a solemn promise in which the obligations of law and justice must be in harmony with your own conscience". "Approach the challenge that now lies ahead of you with self-confidence, courage and confidence" he gave them to take with them on their way into officer life. After a good and short speech by officer-in-charge kristina sieger, and the pronouncement of the oath of office, there was a reception for invited guests in the spa hall in bad bockelt, where minister joachim herrmann signed the golden book in the presence of the "local family" signed the golden book of the market community.


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