100 Percent for werner knaier

100 percent for werner knaier

The CSU in wiesentheid is rustet for the elections next march.

The local association re-nominated incumbent werner knaier for mayor with 29 of 29 possible votes. At the same time, a list was drawn up for the town council with the aim of creating one more seat than the previous five in the town hall.

Together with the representatives of the christliche wahlergemeinschaft (CWG), the districts of geesdorf and reupelsdorf, and the young list WOW, knaier and the CSU currently have nine out of 17 votes at the council table. The CSU alone has six council members plus the mayor.

After more than two hours of looking back and looking ahead, knaier, the current mayor and renewed candidate, had reason to be satisfied. He thanked them for their trust in his person. He also has great confidence in his team. "We have a great list. I am pleased about this, but also that all five of the previous municipal councilors are running again," he said in conclusion.

Together, they want to continue to pull together and successfully defend the position of mayor, which the CSU has held for the first time in wiesentheid since 2008. In addition to the nomination as head of the town, knaier is at the top of the list for the town council, "to make the list strong," as he put it. Beforehand, the members of the board and the mayor himself had looked back on what had been achieved in wiesentheid in recent years.

There are many projects that have been initiated and begun. The task now is to move them forward, as CSU local chairman stefan mohringer, deputy helma schug, and state parliament member and municipal councilor otto hunnerkopf explained.

The construction of the relief road, the renovation of the steigerwaldhalle, the start of the urban development project, the village renewal in reupelsdorf and many other projects were mentioned. "What can a burgerblock candidate do better?? There's nothing there," said mohringer, referring to the other candidate. Heibt harald robner and is already nominated.

With werner knaier, they have "a mayor with rough edges", who works for his community with high pressure and heart and soul, helma schug described the head of the town. "Can't be done, doesn't exist for him, no matter at what time and on what date."The result of the nomination should and will give knaier a strong backbone. The incumbent spoke about his ideas for the coming years in wiesentheid. Knaier also commented on the accusation from the other side that too much is discussed in the non-public part of the council meetings. This is not more than with his predecessor walter hahn. The meetings were "so long because we do so much.".

He has many a vision that he wants to achieve with an energetic municipal council. "I would like to continue working with the same zeal, to develop wiesentheid further. Our list of council members includes all the candidates I think can do it," said knaier.

The candidates introduced themselves in detail and each named a focus for which they would like to work in the community.


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