“Thank you marie” – roxette star fredriksson dies at 61

The singer of the pop duo roxette, marie fredriksson, is dead. This is what your management said on tuesday. She died monday morning after battling cancer for 17 years. Fredriksson was 61 years old.

Fredriksson celebrated with songwriter per gessle as pop duo roxette from the 90s around the world successes. Already in 1986 their debut album "pearls of passion" made them stars in sweden. The international breakthrough followed in 1989 with the worldwide hit "the look. It was roxette’s first number one hit on the billboard charts.

"Joyride", "listen to your heart", "how do you do" or the ballad "it must have been love" from the soundtrack of the cult movie "pretty woman" belong to the great roxette songs of the 90s. According to a statement from fredriksson’s management, the pop duo sold a total of more than 80 million records.

In 2002 doctors diagnosed fredriksson with a brain tumor. But the singer with the short, blond hair recovered and, after several operations, was back on stage and touring the world again. After a long battle and a comeback tour, she retired from music for good in 2016 after 30 years when doctors advised her against further stress from touring and performing. In her biography "listen to my heart," the mother of two children confronts her illness. When she was diagnosed with cancer, "hell broke loose" for her, she wrote in it.

"Thank you marie, thank you for everything! You were a very special musician, a singer on a level that we will hardly experience again. You have painted my black-and-white songs with the most beautiful colors," wrote fredriksson’s roxette partner per gessle (60) in a message posted on twitter on tuesday.

"You were a very wonderful friend in over forty years. I am proud, honored and happy to have been able to share so much time with you, your talent, a warm, your coarseness and your humor," gessle continued to write.

In her swedish homeland, the grief over fredriksson’s death was great. Sweden’s prime minister stefan lofven wrote on facebook: "i remember the first time i heard her and thought: this voice is amazing."Fredriksson had been one of sweden’s most popular artists.

Also sweden’s king carl XVI. Gustaf shared his grief. "For many in our country, even in my own family, her music is closely connected with memories of particularly important hours in life," the king told the swedish newspaper "aftonbladet" through a spokeswoman. Fredriksson performed at the wedding of swedish crown princess victoria in 2010. Three years later she sang a love song at the wedding ceremony of princess madeleine.


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