Bad bruckenau: st. John’s passion evolves

Bad bruckenau: st. john's passion evolves

While most people are out and about in the carnival hustle and bustle, rehearsals for the performance of heinrich fidelis muller's st. John's passion have already begun in bad bruckenau. The oratorio begins with the anguish of the lord's death up to the entombment and comprises seven scenes. Until the end of carnival, the singers have to spontaneously adjust to new rehearsal times and changing rehearsal rooms.

Heinrich fidelis muller (1837 to 1905) was a pastor and always composed the pieces for his congregations. He never pursued any real artistic ambitions. Nevertheless, he has a "certain moment" in his works hit. It was important for muller to reflect his impression of the oberammergau passion plays, especially for the passion. So there should be "living pictures" which the whole congregation can be occupied with.

The core of muller's oratorios was formed by simple four-part choral movements. The composer wanted every church choir to be able to rehearse it and to be able to perform it without any problems at other events outside of oratorios. He arranged solo parts in such a way that they could be sung either by talented choristers or by amateurs who had been recruited for the occasion. All instrumental accompaniments are from muller's hand, accompaniments for piano and harmonium respectively.

First performance in bad bruckenau and fulda

The great response to muller's christmas oratorio from the beginning – it appeared in over 50 editions within a few decades – quickly led to the question of an orchestral version. Only in the case of the st. John passion is a "composer" named, winand nick (1831) named, winand nick (1831-1911), cathedral music director in hildesheim. He has taken care of the demanding instrumentation. Nick came from fritzlar and graduated in his youth from the catholic teacher seminar in fulda. As director of the fulda choir "caecilia from 1851 on, he had met heinrich fidelis muller early, because he sang in the "caelilia" as the schoolmaster with.

Cantor markus wollmann from bad bruckenau is well known for his willingness to experiment in the performance of concerts. This time he is again venturing into new territory of church music. This performance is a cooperation of the heinrich fidelis muller institute fulda, in person of the conductor and regional cantor ulrich moormann, together with cantor wollmann. The performance will be played from a digital reissue, which will be shown in bad bruckenau on saturday, 21. Marz, at 19.30 o'clock comes for the first time to the use. The day after, on 22. March, at 16.30, there will be a second performance in the klosterkirche am frauenberg in fulda.


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