Consequences of colonialism are still traceable

Consequences of colonialism are still traceable

Weibenbrunn – "how is it that people can meet each other", father hermann schulz was pleased when he once again came to weibenbrunn in the district of kronach. He was warmly welcomed by pastor christoph teile and numerous friends in the region at the evangelical parish hall in weibenbrunn. They listened intently to the salesian priest’s reports on the development of his projects.
Father schulz recalled coming to the district of kronach 22 years ago, not long after the genocide, with the hutu boy darius and the tutsi girl bona. Out of 120 young people in his youth village, only 20 had survived. The youth village was destroyed. "The whole country stank of corpses", the salesian priest remembers his first return to the maltreated country.
The tears and energetic participation of the people he met during those years here in germany made a difference. "Your friendship gave courage!" When people put their hearts and souls into it, a lot can be achieved. "It is what redeems us in the world."
Whoever believes in christ, even if he dies, will live, believe the christians. Christ did not play with his words, emphasized father schulz. When he was in rwanda this year, a sister from the order of the calcutta sisters came to him. Her mother lived there near the youth village, she visited her relatives. Your mission is kabul in afghanistan. "Because she believes in life, she is committed with her whole life. Church can only be experienced in community, according to father schulz.
In september, the clergyman was in lithuania in the local youth village. The work is well consolidated and appreciated. Next year is already booked for camps, meetings and retreats for young people and adults. Last september, an international meeting called for by the EU was held again with young people from sweden, denmark, germany, poland and lithuania – a contribution to understanding among the people.
Lithuania also cares for poor children and elderly people in the surrounding area. There are still many people with very little pensions between 87 and 120 euros a month. These could hardly afford medicine. A franciscan priest had set up a pharmacy for the poor. But this has been stopped in the meantime. As father schulz continued, many elderly people are joining forces to survive together.
In the summer, a total of 3000 people were guests in the youth village. There are many meetings, conferences and recreational activities. Police chaplains, diabetics and lutherans met there. Some make weeks of silence.
"We have only one world for all of us, emphasized father schulz. He has been working in rwanda for 39 years. In the meantime, he understands more and more of the background, also in view of the movement of refugees from the continent. Colonialism has had a devastating impact to this day. The continent was exploited with brutality. "We are all human beings, the salesian priest emphasized. Today there are still the consequences of colonialism. He himself knows the hard thing about being a refugee.
In his rwandan school, the students are trained mainly in construction, information technology (computers) and hotel and restaurant management. Besides it is a normal high school. The best high school student in rwanda two years ago came from this high school and was paid for his studies for five years. The youth village also has its own kindergarten.
Very important are the 700 children who are sponsored by people who are willing to help, and who receive education and training. Around 120 children live in the youth village, and between 250 and 300 children attend the high school.


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