Women power in the trade

women power in the trade

The trade needs young women. The likes of stefanie hahn. The 19-year-old is currently training to become a plant mechanic for heating, sanitary and air-conditioning technology and is full of motivation. "I went to the business school in kitzingen. I often saw the vehicles of the light, power and water works in kitzingen (LKW) driving around. So i thought i’d apply for an internship there," hahn reports. That’s how the ippesheim woman got to her current training position.

Of course, being an installer was not always stefanie’s dream. When she was a child, she dreamed of becoming a policewoman. During her school years, the only option for the apprentice was technical internships in skilled trades. The young woman was drawn from the automotive workshop to warehouse logistics and on to the trade as a painter and plasterer. After a detour into another apprenticeship, she finally arrived at her current profession. After a vacation job offered to her by LKW kitzingen, she began her training in september of last year.

"I’m especially proud when the customers are happy that a girl comes to repair the heating system." Stefanie hahn, truck trainee

"I’m especially proud when customers are happy that a girl comes to fix their heating," says hahn, who knows many girls her age who are actually interested in men’s jobs but have always been afraid to work in men-only departments. "Someone has to start daring," says the trainee, who is the only woman in her vocational school class.

The profession of installer is multifaceted. "For me no day is like the other. I never know in the morning exactly what is going to happen. It doesn’t get boring," says hahn. Her tasks in the first year of her apprenticeship included heating system maintenance. During maintenance, she checks the functioning of the heaters or repairs them when necessary. In the sanitary area, she and her team are first taking care of the pre-assembly of new coil boxes. "Once the tiling is done, we come back and check everything again and start the final assembly," explains hahn.

Another of their tasks is the repair of defective gas and water pipes. With all these challenges, stefanie hahn is certain that teamwork is the key to success. And everyone at the truck sees it that way. "The trainees don’t get blod answers or are treated badly," she says. "I don’t want a special ticket either, because i’m a woman. Everyone gets help here when they need it," says hahn.

In spite of everything: you have to be able to work for the job. "The physical work is hard. But we already have a lot of modern equipment that supports us," says the apprentice, who likes to go to the allianz arena in munich in her free time.

"Once i didn’t manage to turn out a screw. The colleague then said out of spab, I can’t do that because I’m a woman. But he didn’t make it himself," recalls hahn. The 19-year-old obviously feels good in her apprenticeship job. "When there was a lot going on, i was even allowed to go to a heating maintenance job alone with another trainee. We thought it was really cool that they trusted us so much."

The ippesheim woman is happy with her work. The job is varied and demands brains. "I also like to see people’s faces when they don’t think i can do it because i’m a girl, but in the end they’re happy with me."She recommends everyone to dare and not to be afraid of a job where you are the only woman. "I can only recommend the training profession. There’s always a great atmosphere here and i have many colleagues who spend time with me after work," hahn reveals. In addition, the young woman receives a lot of recognition for what she does.

Women belong behind the stove? "This hasn’t been the case for a long time," hahn is sure, and recommends that anyone who is unsure should do a practical training course. Just have a sniff. With a bit of luck, the right training center will be found.


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