Once in the universe and back

Once in the universe and back

Gilbert becaud sang about him. He exists as a special postage stamp, as the title character in the opera, as a cartoon character in several films (most of which have little to do with the original), and even a dwarf planet is named after him – we’re talking about antoine de saint-exupery’s "the little prince".

Probably the most widely read french author of the 20. The world-famous (children’s) novel was written in 1942,

And even today, after almost 80 years, it has lost none of its popularity. In the dedication to his book, the flying author or writing aviator wrote: "all rough people were once children (but few remember it)." A good reason for the bamberg children’s theater "the little prince on the stage. With martin neubauer as director chapeau claque has found someone who definitely remembers his childhood.

A love from childhood

"I am very happy to meet again with the ‘little prince’ a love of my childhood and to be allowed to animate it scenically with the wonderfully creative and motivated team of chapeau claque", says neubauer, who is also responsible for the stage setting. "We try to stay as close as possible to exupery’s poetry, neither trivializing it nor making it kitsch for children. And we also trust the children with lyrical and silent scenes."

Heidi lehnert, artistic director of the children’s theater, also believes that children are sensitive to tender things, even in a time flooded with stimuli: "of course, even shrieks will be

And funny scenes are not missing. The ‘rough people’, the adults in the play, are responsible for this: a hot-tempered king, a self-absorbed painter, a cold businessman – they obsessively revolve around their egos and thus make themselves quite laughable."

No wonder the little prince described her as "very strange" experiences. Lehnert: "the rough people never understand anything by themselves. For the children it is too tedious to have to explain everything to them over and over again." An exception is the pilot who has crashed over the desert and to whom the little prince tells the story of his planetary journey to earth.

The first ideas for exupery’s book came about when he himself had to fight for survival after a plane crash in the agyptian desert.

In fact saint-exupery survived several plane crashes. He was a highly sensitive, poetic author and at the same time a swashbuckling pilot.

The rough themes of life

In the role of the pilot of the chapeau claque version, hans-gunter brunker makes his debut at the bamberger kindertheater. The experienced actor, who may also be known to many bambergers as a spokesman for the IG freie darstellende kunst, enjoys working on the "little prince": "the play takes on the rough themes of life – friendship, love, hope, fear, grief. In a wonderful way, very serious and yet with childlike lightness and humor."

Openness towards the other

Astrid haas, who slips into several roles in the stucco, also thinks that the story has a lot to do with our present time. "For example, how little each individual can see beyond the edge of his or her own nose, but that this is precisely what one should try to do and not take oneself too seriously."

And for susanna bauernfeind, who impersonates the little prince on stage, an important aspect of the play is openness to others, patience and the willingness to accept strangeness. "The little prince is on the one hand a kind of magical tale, on the other hand a subtle plea for a more humane way of living together", explains susanna bauernfeind.

With 140 million copies sold worldwide, there should be more traces of this – perhaps it will work in bamberg, if as many people as possible come to see the performances in the chapeau claque theater …


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