What is claimed about bill gates in the corona case

What is claimed about bill gates in the corona case

Bill gates supports the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus and thus becomes the target of some vaccination opponents and conspiracy theorists.

"There are people who want to look at this through a political lens, not a scientific lens," microsoft founder said recently in a CNN interview. "This can lead you to strange views." For years the bill& has been struggling melinda gates foundation for better healthcare worldwide. There are many claims about the multibillionaire gates. A selection:

ASSUMPTION: gates wants to have people implanted with microchips in the fight against the pathogen – and thus achieve total control.

EVALUATION: false coherence.

FACTS: gates wrote in march that at some point "digital certificates" could provide information about who had already been through an infection with the coronavirus or – as soon as possible – had been vaccinated against it. This statement has been corrupted with completely different projects supported by the gates foundation – such as research on digital identification, technology that displays vaccinations in infrared light on the skin, and contraceptive methods via microchips. But these have nothing to do with the coronavirus.

ASSERTION: the gates foundation funded the development of the new coronavirus – including patent.

EVALUATION: lacks any foundation.

FACTS: the supposed proof: a 2015 patent from a foundation-backed institute titled "coronavirus. But this is not about sars-cov-2, but about the development of a vaccine against a fluke virus from the group of coronaviruses. In immunology, it is common for researchers to alter the genetic makeup of pathogens to make them less dangerous. These are then suitable for the production of vaccines. In addition, scientists do not believe it is plausible for the new coronavirus to develop in the laboratory.

Allegation: gates did not have his own children vaccinated.

ASSESSMENT: abstruse source.

FACTS: gates alleged former doctor told this at a symposium in seattle in the 1990s. Neither the name of the symposium nor the name of the doctor is mentioned. Who first brought this unsubstantiated thesis into the world is no longer comprehensible.

Allegation: bill gates wants to make money from vaccines.

EVALUATION: quote taken out of context.

FACTS: as evidence for the theory that gates wants to make money from diseases and vaccinations, his critics often cite one of his sentences from 24. Mar 2020: "we don’t want there to be a lot of convalescents," he said at the time. He immediately followed this up with the following sentence: "to be clear, we are trying to keep the number of infected people below one percent of the population through the shutdown in the USA."Gates insists he believes it makes more sense for people not to get infected in the first place.

Assertion: gates wants to decimate the number of people on earth through vaccinations.

ASSESSMENT: false. Gates merely points to a statistical correlation between mortality rates and population growth.

FACTS: a gates appearance in 2010 is supposed to prove that he wants to reduce the world population with vaccinations. "There are 6.8 billion people in the world today – the trend is toward nine billion," he said at the time. "If we do a really good job now in new vaccines, in health care, in reproductive medicine, we could reduce this by maybe 10 or 15 percent."He explained the background to the statement several times: in his opinion, there is a connection between vaccinations, mortality rates and population growth. Worldwide, many parents nowadays have a large number of children in order to be supported in old age – knowing that a part of them will die early. But if more children survived into adulthood, parents could secure their old-age provision even without much offspring.


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