Svb board: no reason for sleepless nights

Svb board: no reason for sleepless nights

The swimming club, founded in 1925, has 5045 members. It is the largest sports club in upper franconia and the largest of its kind in bavaria. Nevertheless, it is still managed on an honorary basis. Klaus lachmann (54) has been a member since 1970 and the first chairman since 2005. At the weekend, the board team was unanimously re-elected and entrusted with a multi-million project (see amount above). Questions to the chairman.

What motivates them to take on this responsibility voluntarily??
Klaus lachmann: my decision to stand for election as chairman was based on the idea of fundamentally reforming and modernizing the association in order to safeguard its future.

Since 2005 we have invested a total of 4,5 million euro, mainly financed by membership fees. Without a stable board team, such important business and economic decisions would not have been possible.

We met you under the aspect of preserving the old and bringing in new ideas. To take the SVB to new sporting heights – in 2005 it was only a bavarian mid-table team – is one of the goals we set ourselves back then.

In addition, it is simply fun to be able to support the interests of so many different people, young and old, and to be able to offer them a unique club environment. The members appreciate this very much.

In the case of conflicts, which naturally occur, my professional experience in the management of a DIY chain is of great benefit to me. As a service provider in sales, I have to deal with similar situations on a daily basis.

The general meeting gave the "green light" for the new construction of the pool facility 2013/2014. Fear sleepless nights in view of the 2.5 million euro project?
I can answer this question clearly in the negative. The SVB has been known for its solid management throughout all of its board memberships. In case of gross negligence, we could be held personally liable under certain circumstances.

But we have already been dealing with the upcoming pool renovation for five years and have initiated an early repayment of our old loan from 2005 in connection with special repayments. Thus, we go to our current project virtually debt-free.

It should be noted that neither the state of bavaria nor the bavarian state sports association support us financially as an association. Our current financing concept is based primarily on contributions from members, and the historically low interest rates are a unique opportunity to implement such a large-scale project.

The SVB has more than 5,000 members and, with 730,000 euros, a budget like that of a small company. Doesn't this raise the question of a full-time manager??
This is a natural question, and one that we on the board have also been considering. In 2011 we managed to get an overview of the hours we worked: the team worked 2400 hours.

And this does not refer to the time spent travelling to the club, but to the work actually done. My share is 400 hours, mostly done before or after the full-time job.

Comparable rough clubs usually work in a more professional environment than we do. Nevertheless, a full-time manager would not be feasible with our contribution income of 730,000 euros and our investments.

Can you explain this?
A good manager has his price; we had to count with a high five-digit amount. The money was missing for reserves, which the SVB has always formed and continues to form for targeted tree removals such as the upcoming pool renovation.

A certain relief would be however already desirable, if I understand you correctly.
Of course. That is why I am in favor of thinking in all directions. I also see a challenge for the city of bamberg.

Although she is aware of the achievements of all clubs and their honorary boards, she must also ask herself how long large clubs such as the SVB, which also relieves the municipality financially with its open-air swimming pool in bughof, can continue to be run on a voluntary basis.

One idea, for example, would be to install a manager for two or three large clubs. Or: why shouldn't a domberg coordinator, as planned according to a FT report and to be financed by the free state, be a bamberger who is also the chairman of a large club??

The risks were minimal and the costs could be shared. In this way the state, the city and the club would be helped.


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