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For a first overview, the "IHK-standortportal bayern" (bavarian chamber of commerce and industry) appears ideal. It offers a "comfortable map search" on the internet. If you are looking for commercial real estate or available commercial space, you can click on the appropriate link and enter the desired location. At the touch of a button, the user is presented with a list of suggestions. There is information about the respective flat areas, even the distance to the nearest airport and freeway access is mentioned. But as is the case with many online portals, their usefulness depends on regular updating. The search engine for commercial sites in the district of lichtenfels returns eight hits. The two in ebensfeld are listed as "as of 2012" on. We ask and learn that the flat areas – about 25 hectares in total – are still available for use. The situation is different in bad staffelstein: here, the online search on the same platform is unsuccessful, although there are also plots available there, as we learn from the head of the building authority, michael hess. He explains it like this: in the location portal, the plots only appear when owners who have been contacted have given feedback and signaled their willingness to sell.

The city is trying hard to get an up-to-date overview and, above all, to be able to offer building sites. Because in the free state, the premise was issued that internal development should have priority over new designations in the open countryside. "We are trying to raise people’s awareness", says hess. After a break of two years, the city only identified building vacancies again in july/august and wrote to around 250 landowners. A rough job that will keep an employee busy for at least two days.

Around 250 letters sent

The return was rather sparse, says hess. He is grateful for every answer, even if – as is the case with most people at the moment – it is "we don’t want to sell at the moment". The head of the building authority says that there are already commercial sites available, and lists some 7,000 square meters at bischof-von-dinkel-strabe, and about two hectares at frankenring near the "alka", all private property.

Brownfields are also in demand

Industrial brownfields are also in demand. However, these are not easily recognizable from the outside. The advantage of a small municipality is that it is more likely to notice something and to be able to help, says hess: "you know your town and the localities, could then hold mediation talks.

Mind you: mediate, but don’t broker, as andreas eberlein from the city of lichtenfels emphasizes. "We forward requests, support." But we do not compete with brokers. About once a week, there are inquiries about building land – both private and commercial, says the head of the city’s real estate department, who is also responsible for questions about commercial settlements and land matters. In the city of lichtenfels, a great deal has been designated in recent years. The biggest recent case was the "an der zeil II" commercial area with 33 hectares. About five of them are still available, on the opposite side of the street ("an der zeil I") about 1.7 hectares. There were also under two hectares of rough land available in the seubelsdorf industrial area, which has undergone immense development as a result of the new company building by concept laser/GE. But the designation of the land was not new, only its use by the one rough company. Microfol is currently building along the reundorfer weg, eberlein continues, and notes: "we still have a buffer."

The recommendation of all those questioned is: do not rely on any maps or real estate portals, but seek direct contact with the town halls.

New settlements are attractive for municipalities for several reasons, first and foremost because of the jobs and the trade tax. When it comes to a more conscious use of resources, the dependence of cities, markets and communities on this important source of income is a disadvantage. Because: everyone has to look where he stays, how he can finance important and desirable projects. There is little inclination to look beyond the edge of one’s nose to see whether another location, in a neighboring municipality, for example, might not be more compatible for the environment and/or the landscape. Although such an overall view would ultimately serve the common good.

The crux of the trade tax

Bernhard storath has long been calling for a balance between municipalities that are located in the bastion of industry and commerce and those that are at a disadvantage in terms of geography or opportunities. The ebensfeld mayor is district chairman of the bavarian municipal association. "But this is difficult to enforce", woman. Because the large cities have huge revenues from the trade tax and therefore also a lobby. No state government will dare to do that.


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