Where the beaver feels particularly at home in the bamberg district

Where the beaver feels particularly at home in the bamberg district

In bamberg, the beaver caused a stir last year when it became known that the rodent had undermined the narrow embankment of the stengel avenue between the left branch of the regnitz and the hollergraben in the grove area. This threatened to break the dam and the water of the higher situated river regnitz to rush in a tidal wave in the direction of klein-venedig. But the breach could just be prevented with stone protections and concrete seals.

And yet: "the beaver does 80 percent good things and 20 percent things that annoy people, emphasizes beaver commissioner jurgen vollmer. The 61-year-old wants to put this in the foreground, even if he knows that people are mainly attracted by the damage caused by rodents.

Danger from burglaries

Vollmer observes the situation intensively – not only in the city, where between five and eight beaver families live between erba island in the north and sendelbach in the south, but also in the district, where, according to vollmer, the rodent occurs flat-covering in the communities – even on the jura in konigsfeld – and especially farmers have to come to terms with the protected animals. The problems are the same as in the city of bamberg, with considerable consequences partly for the farmers.

It's the bad things that vollmer told the representatives of the city's environmental office and the district's lower nature conservation authority, using the example of amlingstadt – below the "almrauschhutte" – shows where experts suspect there are several beaver families.
Along the zeegenbach stream, several collapses of the earth can be seen due to beaver structures, which, according to vollmer, extend from the stream mainly in a ten-meter strip in the direction of the field. A rodent can burrow through the earth almost unnoticed, so it's no wonder that the avenue of stalks in bamberg was in danger of collapsing. But even in the countryside the consequences can be fatal: "if the farmer breaks in with the combine harvester, the damage is done quickly", says vollmer. This had already happened, but fortunately it had gone smoothly and without any injuries.

Water printed back

Farmers, however, have the most to contend with flooded fields and meadows. Near amlingstadt, the zeegenbach normally flows peacefully along its bed. But the shallow little river can also be quite different: when the beaver, who feels quite at home there in the little forest next to the open meadow, has built small dams. The animals do not do this out of malice – because: the beaver only builds its burrow if it can get in under water. If the stand is too low, it has to provide higher water levels. But that can lead to problems, as in amlingstadt. After heavy rainfall, the accumulated water was forced back into the rainwater retention basin via the inflow of the geisfeld creek. "The creek was "full to the brim, explains hans schwarzmann, head of the building yard, who is therefore out in the rain every day. According to mayor wolfgang desel (CSU), a solution was needed. The question was, where can the water be directed without affecting the protected beaver?? A pipe was installed to permanently guarantee the permeability of the space. As vollmer says, the situation there was so acute that, after consultation with the lower nature conservation authority at the district office, even the beaver dam had to be removed.

A permanent task

The furry animals are a source of work, but this works well in strullendorf, emphasizes bernhard struck of the lower nature conservation authority at the bamberg district office: "you have to look after it, it's a permanent task." The activities of the beaver are ultimately good for nature.

This is shown by the felling of trees – as long as they do not pose a danger to humans: "deadwood is incredibly important for other animals such as woodpeckers, titmice or owl species", says expert vollmer. It is the good things that the beaver does. That's why vollmer's advice: urgently leave the trees that have been cut down.


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