Habfurt praises the deputies

Habfurt praises the deputies

Mayor gunther werner thanked the two remaining city council members for the commitment and dedication with which michael schlegelmilch and stephan schneider have served as second and third mayors, respectively, over the past six years. "You have sacrificed your free time for this honorary office, often putting family matters on hold, swapping duty schedules, canceling or postponing private and business meetings in order to be able to attend municipal appointments or to relieve me of scheduling problems when there were overlaps. We have worked together in a spirit of trust in regular meetings to discuss important issues and problems and to find solutions together," said the city leader, the head of the city said with appreciation and presented each of them with a prize basket at the meeting of the city council on monday evening in the city hall. Nevertheless, stephan schneider thanked his colleagues at the red cross rescue station in eltmann, whose willingness to swap or take over duties had made it possible for the city of habfurt to keep its many appointments.

In addition to the adoption of the rules of procedure for the years 2020 to 2026, the city council also decided at its meeting on the service allowances. In addition to his salary as a temporary civil servant, which is classified in grade B2 (currently equivalent to around 7,800 euros), mayor gunther werner (WG) receives a monthly allowance of 749.72 euros for the additional expenses incurred in the conduct of his life as a result of his office. Norbert geier (CSU), as second mayor, will receive a monthly allowance of 650 euros, while the third mayor, berthold albert (WG), is entitled to 550 euros per month. In the event of the first mayor becoming ill for a longer period of time, it was decided that the 22. To pay a compensation of 1/30 of the basic salary of the first mayor per day of substitution due to sickness.

Mayor werner rejected a statement in a local newspaper last saturday. One comment said that highly contaminated material was stored at the old muller site on prappacher strabe. "It is definitely not true that the material is highly contaminated", said werner, pointing out that all but one of the parameters are below the limit values. Starting next week, the sludge-compost mixture will be disposed of, according to werner.

On the status of the "smart cities: urban development and digitalization" model project informed madlen muller-wuttke and diethard sahlender. "We are in phase one, where we can try things out and develop them further", said muller-wuttke and emphasized that transferability to other municipalities also plays a role in these considerations. At the beginning of march, a presentation workshop "economy and retail" was held can still collect ideas, which will now be switched to a virtual event. With its own videoconferencing tool on the servers of the data center in habfurt, the company was well prepared, explained sahlender. In eight working groups, the knowledge is to be transported to all local stakeholders and experts from business and politics are to be involved as well. There will also be a discussion back channel, which is planned as a virtual office hour once a week.

As in the past, there will be a member of the supervisory board of stadtwerk habfurt gmbh who is not a member of the city council: professor markus brautsch from the east bavarian technical university of amberg-weiden. This partial appointment of external experts is also recommended by the bavarian municipal auditing association. Of the remaining nine members of the supervisory board delegated by the city, three seats each go to the wahlergemeinschaft and the CSU, and one seat each to the SPD, the grune and the junge liste.

An amendment to the cemetery statutes, which was passed, provides for burials in new urn graves in the cemetery at the ritterkapelle, which will be built in communal gravesites. These facilities will be planned and built on the free or vacant land. The grave maintenance with permanent planting is done by the city of habfurt. In addition, it is planned to make possible flat areas greener by planting hedges and trees.

Based on suggestions from the population, the dog tax statute was also changed. So-called medical assistance dogs will be exempt from dog tax in the future. Assistance dogs are specially trained dogs that learn tasks to help people with a severe disability in their daily lives.

On the sidelines of the meeting, mayor gunther werner presented a mouth-nose mask with the logo of the city of habfurt. This is immediately in the tourist info for five euros erhaltlich.


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