Hammelburg volleys: first home game only on 3. October

Hammelburg volleys: first home game only on 3. October

Fans of the hammelburg volleys need patience. Not only that because of corona they do not know when they will see their team again in the saaletalhalle. Now the first home game of the 19. September to the 17. October transferred. Meanwhile, representatives of the TV/DJK met with the head of the health department to present their hygiene concept for home games. And spectators also play a role here.

What a stark contrast: when the hammelburg volleys started their season on 12. September start in delitzsch, saxony, do it in front of spectators. Before up to 200, more precisely. This is the maximum number of people allowed in the halls of the free state of saxony.

In the state of bavaria, things are different. Spectators remain taboo there, even in the saaletalhalle. It doesn't help that the semi-professional hammelburg squad has become "professionals" like the other teams in the national volleyball leagues were declared. At least this trick ensures that the first and second division teams can continue to play. The so-called "amateur sport in the lower leagues meanwhile remains further forbidden.

That the (actually) first home game of the hammelburg volleys against up-and-comers blew on the 17. October is postponed – the state government can do little about that. The german volleyball league (VBL) failed to provide a hygiene concept in good time, reports matthias benner, head of the volleyball department at TV/DJK. The concept is tested.

So the second home match day on the 3. October against grafing for the first. Unfortunately without spectators. Nevertheless, the club officials have thought about how to bring the game (and all the others) over the stage in a corona-friendly way. All based on the VBL hygiene concept.

Three areas in the hall

The result: the hall will be divided into three areas – a yellow, a blue and a green one. The entrance via the foyer remains closed on matchday. Also the indoor kiosk. Instead, the yellow and the other two areas are accessible via separate entrances on the back side of the hall.

In the yellow area at one end of the playing field, "passive participants" were allowed to move: hall speaker, DJ, press.

The blue area, which includes changing rooms and showers, is reserved for players, trainers, team doctors, physiotherapists, coaches, and also the referees. All these "active participants" were allowed to move to the green area – the playing field – without any problems. There sit on game day additionally the writers and operators of the scoreboard. A maximum of 55 people were allowed in the green area.

"Ball kids" must be at least 14 years old and wear disposable gloves. Because they come into contact with the play pads, which are constantly disinfected. The same applies to the benches where the "active" november spectators will be sit during the game. Players wipe up their own sweat on the floor. Hygiene officer joachim rupp is to ensure that all requirements are met.

On friday morning, the volleys presented their concept to the head of the health department dr. Ingo baumgart before. Visited were next to the playing field changing rooms and showers, but also the tribune. Because if spectators are allowed at some point, the corona must be distributed fairly. Under normal circumstances, the tribune can hold 400 visitors; there is room for another 200 at the playing field.

Air circulation in 40 minutes

Many seats and entire rows will certainly have to be left empty on the tribune, said dietmar gleisle, who played a key role in the hygiene concept on the TV/DJK board. Spectators on the sidelines will be dispensed with completely for the time being. Gleisle also told baumgart that the hall ventilation system can completely replace the air in the building within 40 minutes. "In the booths it is eight minutes."

Unlike in other federal states, the health authorities in bavaria, according to baumgart, can "hardly allow any exceptions" at corona. The state government regulates almost everything centrally. Accordingly, he saw himself more as an advisor at the on-site appointment. "I want to support the association and am not there to prevent it." He considered the concept "well thought out.

Matthias benner hopes that from 1. November spectators will be allowed back – provided the corona numbers are in line. Then we have to rethink it anyway. Head of department baumgart also sees it that way.

Shortly before the start of the season, the hammelburg volleys announced the signing of another player. Aaron dettner, who was on the field with lorenz karlitzek and oscar benner in TV/DJK hammelburg's promotion year, will help the team as defensive chief until december. Because junior libero lukas baden can only come to training and games very rarely in the first half of the season for professional reasons, the TV/DJK officials felt compelled to go on the lookout once again. "It took less than a week from the first contact to aaron's acceptance", reports oliver wendt. He is enthusiastic about the transfer at record speed "because the wizard fits into the team perfectly, both athletically and as a person".

Schwarmen from hammelburg

The new libero still reminisces about his time in hammelburg: "the first season in the 2. League was a real pleasure. The troupe consisted of distinctive personalities, of whom oscar and lotze are still with us or will be again. Especially lorenz made volleyball more palatable to me; the call from olly followed", explains dettner and adds: "it just itched again." 


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