Fire department does a good job

On thursday evening around 18.50 o'clock the fire department sirens sounded in fischbach and the neighboring villages of wotzelsdorf, vogtendorf and hofles. The fire alarm was sounded because in a building in the "upper allern a fire was detected. This time, however, the cause was not a fire, but only a rough-up for which such a scenario was assumed. The fire department received additional support from the kronach fire department for this demanding task. Approximately 1000 meters of B-hose were laid from the rodach to the "upper allern" relocated.
Above all, determining the correct pumping locations was not easy and required good cooperation between the machine operators. The kronach firefighters arrived with a hose truck and a TSF portable fire engine. The equipment also included a collapsible container. In addition to fighting a fire with two firefighting attacks and seven C-pipes, a breathing apparatus attack was also required inside the building to rescue an injured person. A second task was to test the digital radio system. In order for this to work better, the hofles fire department installed a repeater which improved the range and the radio communication. All 76 firefighters did a great job, confirmed district fire inspector matthias schuhback, who followed the exercise from the beginning. In just 20 minutes after the alarm it was already "water march" under difficult conditions. He thanked the first commander frank wich (fire department fischbach) and all the firefighters for the careful management of the operation.


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