After bbl tournament schedule in munich:many questions unanswered

After bbl tournament schedule in munich:many questions unanswered

The basketball team has taken the next step on its ambitious path of ending the season with a ten-team tournament and subsequent playoffs at one location.

With munich, the location has been fixed since monday. But many questions are still open in the corona crisis. Above all, everything is subject to permission by authorities and politics. The german press agency gives an overview of the current state of affairs.


Munich’s audi dome to host tournament with ten teams. "We are making the hall available to the league free of charge," said bavaria’s managing director marko pesic. The teams and the referees will be accommodated in a hotel provided by a partner of the club. "I think we have perfect conditions here," said pesic. He does not see any sporting advantage in the home tournament. "If spectators were there, then yes. Although we know the hall and also the baskets, in the special atmosphere without fans, this does not play a major role."


League and clubs to discuss concrete schedule on wednesday. One thing is certain: five teams will meet in each of the two groups, then it’s on to the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. It remains to be seen how long the phases will last and whether there will be only one duel in each playoff or a mini-series. "It’s difficult, we have to accommodate a relatively large number of games. We don’t want to overload the players and we don’t have much time," BBL managing director stefan holz told the deutsche presse-agentur.


This week, the concept of the BBL should also be fixed. Basketball goes further than the role model german fubball league. All players and directly involved should be isolated during the tournament. To what extent the professionals should be taken into quarantine at their respective locations on suspicion, the clubs must clarify with their local health authorities, said holz.


Not all pros are enthusiastic about the league plans. "For me, it’s extremely difficult," said national player niels giffey of alba berlin on ARD’s "sportschau" show. "I do think that we still have to talk about it and we will, that we as players have a voice."In addition to the fear of catching an infection, the higher risk of injury after the long break is a cause for concern. "This is a chance for basketball. From the player’s point of view, the conditions in terms of health and the risk of injury must of course be right," said danilo barthel of bayern munchen. According to his coach johan roijakkers, the gottinger adam waleskowski has already announced that he does not want to play anymore. It is also questionable what will happen to the U.S. Professionals, most of whom are in their home country and will have to spend two weeks in quarantine if they return to germany.


Like professional soccer, basketball players are eagerly awaiting chancellor angela merkel’s meeting with the prime ministers this wednesday. If the DFL is allowed to finish the season with ghost games and a strict safety and hygiene concept, the chances for the basketball players will also increase. Especially since the sports ministers have already stated in their draft resolution that they consider the "continuation of other sports in the form of ghost games to be possible", "provided that appropriate concepts are developed by the respective league". Latest on 18. May had to get all the approvals to get the plan off the ground as planned with preparation time and a tournament. The season is scheduled to begin on 30. June to be over.


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