Cardinals elect new pope from tuesday

cardinals elect new pope from tuesday

The cardinals decided to begin the conclave after a five-day exchange of views on the situation of the universal catholic church, its crises and the challenges of the future. 115 cardinals take part in the election. Benedict was on 28. February resigned due to weakening forces.

On tuesday morning, the cardinals will first celebrate mass in st. Peter’s cathedral, and in the afternoon they will begin the conclave in the sistine chapel, the vatican further announced. How long the conclave will last depends on the number of ballots required. The pope must be elected by a two-thirds majority – 77 votes.

After the decision of the college of cardinals, the cardinals will meet for another session on saturday and celebrate mass on sunday. More than 100 cardinals had spoken during the meetings in the course of the week. They love time in preparation for the election of the next head of the church.

On friday – international women’s day – the clergy spoke, among other things, about the role of women in the catholic church and the dialogue between different religions, vatican spokesman federico lombardi reported.

Meanwhile, speculation about the new pontiff of the catholic church continued in the media. On friday, milan archbishop angelo scola and brazilian cardinal odilo pedro scherer were named as the main favorites. One of the exciting questions is whether the next head of the world’s nearly 1.2 billion faithful will again come from europe or whether a cardinal from north america or the southern hemisphere will be elected to the chair of petri.

Benedict (85) was the first pope of modern times to resign, citing his declining strength due to his advanced age. His successor will stay for a few weeks in the vatican’s santa marta guesthouse. There is an apartment for special guests, which is currently still closed, explained lombardi. The 115 cardinals who participate in the election also live in the guesthouse during the papal election.


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