Melania trump: first public appearance in 25 days

Melania trump: first public appearance in 25 days

Melania trump (48), first lady of the u.S., has made her first public appearance after an absence of more than three weeks.

Together with her husband, U.S. President donald trump, she attended a reception for bereaved families at the white house on monday, as reported by CNN.

There had been increasing speculation about the first lady, because she had not been seen since 10. May had not been seen in public. She had undergone an operation. Melania trump will not accompany her husband to international summits in the coming weeks.

In a statement released by CNN, her spokeswoman stephanie grisham put the media in the crosshairs of criticism. "Mrs. Trump has always been a strong and independent woman who puts her family and, of course, her health above everything else, and that will not change in the face of a rabid press corps." The president’s wife was confident in her actions and in her role, "and she female that the rest is just speculation and nonsense".


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