Csu may not let the “puma” go

Csu may not let the 'puma' go

Bernhard panzer apparently the CSU has not yet gotten over the fact that the city did not make an effort to buy the former puma administration building in wurzburger strabe. Group chairman bernhard schwab addressed the issue of the "interim city hall in his budget speech at the last city council meeting to. His party had been rebuffed by the mayor with a proposal to buy the building, he stated again.

Schwab’s main criticism was that the city council had not even been given the opportunity to look at the building. Because the mayor had decided on it with a few confidants.

In the meeting itself, this cleanup met with objections. "Now hort auf", the previously scolded mayor german hacker (SPD) called out to the opposition and stated. "It is a beautiful building, but it is not a town hall." As an interim building, it was perfectly fine, but a renovation with conversion to a town hall had "a crazy look" means.

"Golden for the city"

Hacker also recognized that the city center was already lacking in traffic, just a few days after the administration moved to wiesengrund. Because a city hall is "golden for the city center." This was also the view of CSU city councilor franz-josef lang, who supported the SPD mayor on this point. It is a wonderful building for any company, he also said. But a town hall is not. And: "the town hall belongs to the city."

CSU city councillor walter drebinger, on the other hand, continued. The interimsrathaus is a provisional building, you can’t compare it, he said. If the city had acquired the building, however, one could have approached the subject in a completely different way. Even with an interim use, drebinger continues, millions could have been saved. However, they were now burned in building rents.

A reason to argue

He also complained that the issue had not been dealt with in the city council. "We have not been asked." Earlier, faction leader schwab had remarked that the part of the building now used by the city administration as an interim city hall had already been sold on in the meantime. With a fat profit, as schwab had heard. For him "a reason more to argue." He did not meet with understanding from his opponents in the city council: curd blank (SPD) and retta muller-schimmel (grune) acknowledged his statements at the beginning with interjections.


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