Agency “leih dir einen mann” goes on the move


A night, which has it in itself, which however several nights and days precede, which let guess, which turbulent night could prepare itself there. As you can see from the title, this is an amusing love comedy from a milieu that no one really knows anything about, but everyone thinks they do.

Two ladies run a successful family business, the agency "borrow a man". According to the motto "whether young or old, we are on the spot, we have the man for all cases!" In addition to their star model, they also rent out their not so dewy husbands. However, the wives are very careful that their husbands are not threatened with any dangers from the women's side when they are on duty. But the strict surveillance did not please the men at all. But family problems also plague the ladies, in addition to the stressful business operations of the agency. The wedding of the son of one of the two businesswomen is coming up, with the adopted daughter of a well-known village fortune teller, of all people. That this fortune teller also predicts further turbulences does not fit at all into the already exciting confusions before the wedding night, whose countdown is running. And there will be a wedding night full of confusion and turbulence. The happy couplehood of the newlyweds is destroyed by a completely overcrowded bridal chamber.
The rough part of the wedding party finds itself in the marriage bed. The "night of the night has begun and finds a completely unexpected end.
The actors: daniel bartsch, steffen bar, maria daum, elke fehn, rudiger jungkunz, brigitte loffler, kurt miebner, stefan muller, rita vetter (also director). Prompter monika betz, mask margarete eichhorn. David fehn is responsible for the technical side of the film. There will be two more performances for the so far undecided ones. Saturday, 28. October at 19.30 o'clock and on sunday, 29. October at 14.30 o'clock in each case in the youth home in pressig. The proceeds from all the performances will again go to a good cause. The theater group has been donating its proceeds to charitable, church or social institutions for years.


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