The opposite of a forest of signs

The opposite of a forest of signs

EKU square and underground parking garage are brighter, coarser and more modern. After I have always used only the underground parking since the reopening, I have recently times "above" parked – and me nevertheless somewhat wondered.

It already started at the entrance. Coming from the rough traffic circle i wondered if i should really squeeze through on the rather narrow section between the enclosure to the underground car park and the former sir henry. A "driveway" sign did not (and still does not) stand there. What the heck, eyes closed and through. The next challenge was to find the ticket vending machine. You have to have good eyesight (admittedly, I wear glasses) and preferably also be rough to spot the somewhat reticent lettering on the two ticket machines.

The biggest mistake, however, comes on the way out. As a citizen of kulmbach, i naturally know that i have to leave the parking lot via the small traffic circle – and first turn right. But especially foreigners have a real problem here at least. Because: again the signs are missing. Nowhere is there a sign "exit". Only arrows on the pavement should show the way. But they are practically invisible in the dark or when the sun is low in the sky. More than once i have seen cars with non-local license plates driving around the EKU square in the late evening, somewhat perplexed.

My highlight last week, however, was the car driver who (in broad daylight) created his own way out and simply drove between the bench and the lamppost across the pedestrian area in the direction of the town hall onto the road.

Maybe the work on the square is not quite finished yet and the signs are still to come. But didn’t they have priority over the plant drugs?? Appealing and modern is all well and good, but it should also be clearly arranged.


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