President speaks of subversive forces: revolt in the rhonklub?

president speaks of subversive forces: revolt in the rhonklub?

The opening of the 2020 hiking year on the kreuzberg in january attracted a lot of attention. The president of the rhonklub, jurgen reinhardt, spoke of "subversive forces" in his speech, who became active in the association. According to him, their intention was to undermine his re-election. The editors have researched what reinhardt meant by that.

When asked by the editor, the president said: "I have no comment to make on this matter." While reinhardt himself remained unspecific, some club members felt that reinhardt’s remarks had stepped on their toes. Kathi cavallo, the chairwoman of the rhonklub branch in walddorfer, quoted a member who was present at reinhardt’s speech at the branch’s annual meeting: "the participants found him embarrassing and his statement about the branches outrageous."

Thomas hammelmann, chairman of the kissinger rhonklub, was on hand for the opening of the hiking year – and listened to reinhardt’s speech. The concept of "subversive forces came as a surprise for him. "I asked three or four rhonklubbers at the subsequent meeting after the wanderjahreroffnung in the antoniussaal in kreuzberg what that meant", he says. He has not received any concrete answers. "There are no subversive forces in our branch association." Hammelmann looks back on a long career at the rhonklub: "i have now been treasurer for two years and chairman for 19 years." He has a good relationship with president reinhardt.

What are subversive forces?

"A workshop met to explore ways to make the rhonklub more vibrant, more forward-looking", says hammelmann. "The suggestions were made to the president, whom I respect very much." Hammelmann, however, is convinced: "but these are not subversive forces."

Gunther wischert of the rhonklub branch in bad bruckenau has a clear opinion on reinhardt’s excavations on the summit of the kreuzberg: "that was not appropriate". For him, the words fell at the wrong time and in the wrong place. What might be behind reinhardt’s subversive forces, even he does not know. "We branch clubs are not involved enough for this purpose."

There is also confusion about reinhardt’s words among the board of the rhonklub branch in garitz. "I read about it and was amazed. I don’t know what he meant by that", heidrun ruppert, the chairwoman of the association, informed the editorial office on request. Konrad tripp, regional chairman of the saale/sinn region, says: "i do not comment on the president’s remarks."


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