Soon again the ste in the sign?

Soon again the ste in the sign?

At the general meeting of the CSU local association in bad staffelstein on monday, district administrator christian meibner (CSU) spoke positively about the introduction of former vehicle registration plates in the district area. Specifically, it is about the reintroduction of the letter abbreviation STE, which was issued until the dissolution of the district of staffelstein in 1972.

After the decision of the bavarian state government in january, the district councils can now decide on the reintroduction of the former license plates. Although he, as district administrator, can decide on this alone, he wants to wait for the decision of the district committee next monday. Meibner, however, has no doubts that he, as a native citizen and head of the district, is happy about the possible return of the old license plates.

The plates could be issued by the registration office in lichtenfels as early as this summer following approval by the federal motor transport authority in flensburg, meibner said. The costs for this were calculated as for other desired license plates. Special requests are not accepted by the admissions office. For special types of vehicles, such as motorcycles or foreign cars, the very short numbers such as "STE – A 1" are to be used reserved.

District administrator meibner pointed out that every vehicle owner in the district could apply for a STE license plate, not only those who lived in the old district of staffelstein. Then cars could also be registered in weismain or redwitz with these plates. He could not understand the decision of the coburg district administrator michael busch (SPD), who did not want to allow STE license plates on the former staffelstein district, which today belongs to the district of coburg. On the other hand, the old NEC license plate for neustadt bei coburg was allowed to be reintroduced.

In the matter of the new hospital in lichtenfels, the district administrator drew attention to the mature planning. He categorically ruled out the possibility of planning mistakes such as the berlin airport or the elbphilharmonie concert hall in hamburg.
He was annoyed by inquiries about the completion of the clinic, which was planned for the beginning of 2017. The date of completion is not relevant, said meibner. "We have a fully intact and well-functioning hospital", he went on to say that the time of commissioning of the new one did not matter. "We are not on the run, he emphasized several times.

He also expects the construction of the parking garage to be completed in june or july, not in april as was previously assumed.

The first priority is to keep costs under control, the district administrator emphasized. The gray wall that is now visible is not a dam wall, but a structurally important structural element.
He added that no floods were to be expected as a result of the construction of straw in the meadows. He wanted to use the centimeter ruler to prove to critics that even in a 100-year flood, the strabe could be flooded by no more than three to four centimeters.


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