Fast internet in all mitwitz homes in the future

A further step toward broadband expansion in the municipality of mitwitz, paving the way for fast internet access, was recently taken in the town hall. Second mayor jurgen kern and uwe meyer from the suc/dacor coburg management signed a contract for lot 4 in the first line for the community part steinach A.D. Steinach.
Here, 53 buildings will be connected to the high-speed internet with fiber optics within a year. For this, deep tree removals are necessary on about four kilometers. As was emphasized at the signing of the contract, after completion of the work all mitwitz houses will be connected to the high-speed internet and here to a large extent via fiber optic lines. They are the prerequisites for enabling surfing at up to 1000 mbit/s and are said to be at the highest level of current technology. Mitwitz receives a grant of 355,000 euros from the state of bavaria for the total cost of 394,000 euros. Siegbert reuther of reuther netconsulting and the market community's broadband sponsor, ralf heidelberger, also took part in the signing of the contract. 


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