The answer to god

In bright sunshine, many faithful of the parish of friesen accompanied the eucharistic bread in an impressive procession through the streets of the village on fronleichnam day.
After the church parade of the local associations, pastor michael dotzauer celebrated the fronleichnams festival service in the parish church
st.-georg. Dotzauer described fronleichnam, the high feast of the body and blood of christ, as the high feast of the entire church year. It is the answer to god, who gives us new gifts every day, to give ourselves to god.
He thanked all the participants who, through their participation, testify to their faith and reflect on the mystery of the eucharist. Following the mass, pastor dotzauer carried the consecrated host – the holy of holies – in the magnificent monstrance under the canopy, accompanied by pastoral advisor matthias simon, who prepared the prayer texts, in the solemn procession through the town.
On the street edges, residents had decorated their houses with flowers, figurines and flags. Flanked by the honorary processions of the warriors and soldiers comradeship, the voluntary fire department and the flag delegations of the local associations, the procession led to the four altars, where prayers for the fathers were prayed and the blessing given. The altars were decorated by the catholic church choir, the scouts, the kindergarten forderverein and the music and singing group con brio.
After the procession, the community met for a joyful finale in the local restaurants, where the music band friesen played powerfully. 


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