Prichenstadt city council rejects seven-meter observation tower

A 7.20-meter-high metal lookout tower near reupelsdorf was supposed to be the centerpiece of a new hiking trail in the market town of wiesentheid. This is not a new "dream round", but a circular path in the series "european culture path".

But this tower will probably not be built at the planned location: in a good five-meter-high windbreak hedge just outside the wiesentheide boundaries on the territory of prichsenstadt. Because its city council refused in its youngest meeting with 10:7 votes its agreement. In the non-public consultation, a usage agreement for leasing or selling a part of the hedge to wiesentheid was on the agenda, but the council also said no, said mayor rene schlehr in an interview with this newspaper.

Final decision is made by the land office

"If we had openly rejected and not openly approved, that would have been inconsistent", he said. With that, the lookout tower could have already. The final decision, however, is made by the kitzingen district office.

He spent a long time looking for solutions with his former colleague and mayor of wiesentheid, werner knaier, said schlehr. In the end, the chosen location directly in a windbreak hedge was "the only possibility" been.

The plan was to erect a mast with a footprint of 3.58 by 4.75 meters and a height of 7.20 meters on small concrete bases. The windbreak hedge was to be cut back in a section that had not grown quite as high, so that it could grow up and into the viewing tower, which is open like a fire escape staircase.

Tower should be the attraction on the culture trail

The tower was to be the cultural attraction on the wiesentheide culture trail. Ingrid mehlert (grune) did not see it that way: "on the one hand, the hedge is important for agriculture, but then you look directly at a biogas plant. What’s attractive about it?"

The hedge is also a habitat for animals, especially birds, he said. Cutting down a hedge in the immediate vicinity of a biogas plant is a "paradox" for them. In principle, it is not against the tower "but please not at this exact location," he said.

Werner hillger (LWL) saw the matter more pragmatically. Actually, he sees the tower positively, but "who bears the costs, who cleans it, how is the traffic safety and what does the bavarian nature conservation law say?. Schlehr reported that they wanted to talk about this in the non-public part of the meeting.

Do car drivers and hikers show consideration??

"If we refuse now, we won’t have to make a use agreement", said the mayor. Hillger saw another problem: "not only hikers come there, but also car drivers stop and drive onto the field path. There’ll be trouble with the farmers. I think this is an unfortunate choice of location." Susanne karb (CSU) feared that tourists would hardly take into account the breeding season of the birds during their hikes.

Approval of the tower came from alfons saugel: "we have made very good experience in the cooperation with wiesentheid, so we should not reject the tower." Harald ruckert saw a positive aspect for tourism in prichsenstadt: "we should advertise the tower in this case."

By the way, the county is already doing this: on its website, a celebration is planned for 20 september. September deposited, with the completion of the village renewal and the inauguration of the european culture trail with eight stations – and a new lookout tower.


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