New marketplace in schwarzach as a lively center and attraction

New marketplace in schwarzach as a lively center and attraction

Even the sky showed some understanding when the start of the inauguration of the redesigned market square in schwarzach was to begin. The rain actually stopped a few minutes before the ceremony, which was attended not only by the guests of honor but also by a large number of burgers from the community. The tables and benches set up in the new town center were wiped down once again, so that it was later still possible to dine dry under the open sky.

"I’m glad you came here despite the lousy weather," said schwarzach’s mayor lothar nagel, first burying the people for whom the community’s new center was created, namely the burghers. The square and the buildings around it support the center of the town, many generations, according to nagel, have helped to build it.

The marketplace was designed by the residents for the residents, the mayor said, highlighting the village renewal working groups. In the end, she said, it was the key to the project, which had been the subject of sometimes very ambivalent discussions since 1990, now being implemented. "The efforts and discussions were worth it", says nagel, it is "an all-round successful redesign of the market place". It has become a real showpiece, which is really worth seeing, the local leader expressed her satisfaction.

The newly created fountain attracted the most attention, and after only a few days it was already considered the focal point of the flat area. The artist theo steinbrenner from schwarzach created it and later presented the intention behind the monument. There are six stone blocks symbolizing the six parts of the municipality. The watercourse in between represents the main, the single stone block on one side of the watercourse stands for schwarzenau, which lies on the other side of the river. In two blocks he has carved notches through which the water runs. They symbolize the two streams, the schwarzach and the silberbach, which flow through the community.

Finally, steinbrenner explained the three bronze figures at the fountain, which represent playing children. They should bring life to the square. Two stilt-walkers, girl and boy, and a little boy nibbling on a pretzel are there. Steinbrenner specially attached a bracelet to the girl’s right hand. If you turn it, you can make a wish, he explained. Tamara bischof was the first to turn the stone, and later the gesture found an astonishing number of imitators.

In her greeting, the district administrator congratulated the community on the new center, which is to become "a place of communication, a meeting place". The entire area has become much more attractive as a result. Eckehard tschapke from the directorate for rural development, who is in charge of the village renewal in schwarzach, thanked the village renewal working groups, as did later planner thomas wirth. The redesign of the town center cost 650,000 euros, 52 percent of which was financed through the demand program.

Planner thomas wirth had brought along the very first draft of the square as a gift, which was drawn up by the burgers during the renewal of the village. As shown in the drawing, he had also become approximate. Wirth liked to have all those involved in the project sign it and presented mayor nagel with the drawing to hang up in the town hall. District councillor christine bender congratulated the community on the successful flat.

Father matthaus sandrock gave the church blessing, the blaser-echo stadtschwarzach provided the musical accompaniment.


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