New bike path from wirsberg to himmelkron

The bayreuth native is full of praise for the 2.5-kilometer-long route, which was officially opened to traffic on wednesday. The trainee, who is currently completing her training at the state building authority, knows what she is talking about. Because the skater regularly makes her rounds in the richard wagner city with her sports equipment.

And mayor hermann anselstetter didn't miss the opportunity to test the cycle path from wirsberg on his mountain bike. He is also very satisfied: "the course is harmoniously run, offers gentle climbs and descents, was quickly dug in and covered with an asphalt surface that is easy to roll off. This makes it possible to ride a bike as if on slippers." Anselstetter spoke of a showcase project that even includes sightseeing on the steep ramp of the "schiefe ebene" biete – a real gain for bicycle tourism in the region.

Costs: just under one million

Construction director kurt schnabel from the bayreuth state building authority stated that the section that has now been approved represents a further building block in the cycle path concept. The costs of the first construction phase from wirsberg to the community connection road to schwarzhof amounted to about 905 euros.000 euro. "The federal highway 303 in this section is currently equipped with 8.360 vehicles per day and is used very quickly due to its route characteristics", schnabel made clear the necessity of the mabnahme.

He did not hide the fact that initially the weibmaintal was favored, not without reason, because there is also a very attractive landscape. Schnabel: "but there was probably no agreement and no practical solution, and it was also clear that the federal government is not available as a cost bearer, because it was clearly not a dependent walking and cycling path would have been."

District administrator klaus peter sollner spoke of a central connection that has its justification. As far as the criticism of the project is concerned, several aspects need to be focused on. Due to the traffic on the B 303 and the speed at which it is driven, it is imperative to separate the road from motorized traffic.

Furthermore, the head of the district addressed the topic of tourism. The main cycle path is one of the busiest in franconia.

Gift from the federal government

Mayor Hermann anselstetter noted that the new construction is one of the most important and safest bike paths in upper franconia. The dream of a family-friendly connection to the fichtelgebirge has come true. "And it was already recognizable in the last weeks that he gives new impulses to the radtourimus and opens completely new tour horizons to the leisure cyclists", erganted the burgermeister. In addition, this cycle path was a gift from the federal government to the upper franconian cycling family, which did not cost the communities of himmelkron and wirsberg a single cent.

Construction director kurt schnabel assured: "we will continue to work on the second construction phase with all our energy. Next year, the process is to continue, and I heard today that, fortunately, an important step has been taken in the real estate negotiations. Provided that the funds that were available this year remain available next year, we also want to tackle the second section in the near future."


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