Mutzenich: greens make neo-liberal climate policy

Mutzenich: greens make neo-liberal climate policy

"The vast majority of the greens want to achieve the steering function to climate-neutral action with a higher price. We social democrats believe that the state must first create certain framework conditions, especially for low-income earners, so that society can change its ways. I’ll put it this way: the greens are acting neoliberally," mutzenich told the berlin newspaper tagesspiegel.

"It may have something to do with the fact that your voters have high incomes on average," he continued. "In my hometown of poland, too, i observe that the grunes are making a policy that is very much tailored to their own clientele. We social democrats want structural changes, but we want to implement them in such a way that we include as many people as possible and not just certain, mostly financially privileged groups."

The governing parties CDU, CSU and SPD have presented a climate protection package that does not go nearly far enough for the greens. For example, in a party conference motion on the pricing of carbon dioxide emissions from fuels and heating, the grunen executive committee proposes an entry price of 40 euros – the coalition government has only provided for 10 euros.


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