Harsh criticism of the planning

Harsh criticism of the planning

In the end, there were too many unanswered questions and too many unimplemented demands: the city council postponed its decision on the project-related urban land use planning and the preliminary draft of the new building for the logistics company CS trans on the outskirts of grundfeld. After a discussion full of clear words and partly harsh criticism, the council in the adam-riese-hall finally voted to install a working group to bring together all the demands of the city.

Earlier, dina hetz and reinhard blechschmidt from the lichtenfels engineering company strukturdesign had presented the design planning for the new CS trans building on burgermeister-meixner-strabe in grundfeld to the city council members and the numerous listeners in the gallery of the multipurpose hall. A warehouse with a storage area of 15,000 square meters and a logistics area are to be built, as well as a workshop, a washing facility and an in-house gas station in the northern part of the land, and administration, buror rooms and registration for truck drivers in the front area, plus a bypass and shunting area as well as truck parking spaces.

Traffic circle planned

According to the logistician’s ideas, the site is to be made accessible via a traffic circle on burgermeister-meibner-strabe. Or better: above two, because at the intersection of the local road with the state road 2197 and the access road to vierzehnheiligen, another, much rougher traffic circle is to be built. According to hetz, this area is not known to be an accident black spot, but this solution was decided on in cooperation with the bamberg state building authority so as not to disrupt traffic on the main road. In the original planning, a left-turn lane was still planned – above grundfeld. Hetz promised that CS trans would contribute to the costs of the traffic circle.

In their presentation, the planners addressed many of the arguments put forward by the opponents of the project and tried to refute them. The highest point of the planned company complex will be 278.5 meters above sea level, four and a half meters below that of the nearby company concept laser. The buildings are not visible at all over the barrier from highway 73 and highway 173. And there can be no question of an impairment of the visual relationship between vierzehnheiligen and banz monastery, since the new company site is clearly located away from the visual axis.

Hetz also assured that CS trans would not start construction until archaeological investigations had been carried out. Unfortunately, however, it was not possible to accommodate the compensation areas for the sealed areas on the company grounds. However, hedges are planned towards the residential buildings, as well as a greenery and single trees of native species. And according to the larm forecast, the guideline values for mixed areas could be complied with.

Strong deviations from the flyer

None of the parties could really get along with the submitted planning. CSU faction spokesman jurgen hagel criticized the insufficient greenery in general and especially the lack of roof greenery, which was still present in the original draft and has now been displaced in favor of photovoltaic systems. He also urged that the green belt be brought much closer to the company’s premises so that the complex would not stand out from the landscape in the same way. Just like werner freitag (grune/sbun) later on, he had doubts about the larm prognosis, because it only takes into account the time until 8 p.M. – and no night trips, not even on sundays.

Planner dina hetz promised that this would not be the case as a rule, as the logistics company CS trans is mainly active on a regional basis.

Christian ziegler (junge burger) had noted considerable deviations from the plans as shown on the flyer distributed in the run-up to the referendum in september: among other things, the buildings had been moved much closer to the freeway/federal highway. "We demand that the development be carried out in exactly the same way, because the burger relied on it when making his decision.", said ziegler.

Jorg breidenbach (freie wahler) advised caution: the city should not "just like that" approve this preliminary design and let it be taken out of your hands. The fact that a once planned site was now to be a traffic area, in case the company needed the space, annoyed him.

Werner freitag went really hard into the court with the planners. He accused them of cynicism, because they talk about "no loss of quality of life" for the residents had spoken. The traffic circle on staatsstrabe will bring the up to 100 trucks per day even closer to the residential area. He, too, criticized the discrepancy with the flyer and emphasized that the rough construction would indeed be massively noticeable.

"Build 100 meters further in the direction of lichtenfels", demanded harald konietzko (SPD). "The residents could live with that. They are reaching out, we should think about it."

And sandra nossek (grune/SBUN) wanted to know whether alternatives had been considered at all. To dina hetz’s reply that there was none, mayor jurgen kohmann (CSU) dryly countered: "the neighboring municipality has signaled that it has sufficient land available."

Sold owner now after all?

One of the main arguments for CS trans is that the new building is necessary because the company has to move out of its current location at the other end of the grundfeld, because the owner is not selling. Mayor jurgen kohmann said that this was no longer true: "the owner has signaled in a telephone conversation with me that she is willing to sell."

A drumbeat that prompted winfried ernst () to request a break in the meeting. In the end, the committee decided not to make a decision this evening, but to initiate a working group of city council members, company representatives and planners to bundle all the concerns, issues and demands. Only then should a new preliminary draft be discussed by the city council, perhaps as early as the july meeting.


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