Farewell for heynckes -tur with bavaria always open

Farewell for heynckes -tur with bavaria always open

Jupp heynckes leaves FC bayern by the rough goal – and can come back at any time.

"I told him two weeks ago at the championship party that he had a kind of ‘carte blanche’ (french for woman’s card) with us. If he can imagine it, we’d like to keep him in some capacity at FC bayern," chief executive karl-heinz rummenigge told "bild" ahead of this saturday’s DFB cup final in berlin. "But i know jupp. He wants to finish the game against stuttgart first. And sometime after that you can sit down with him in peace."

In march, heynckes had immediately turned down an offer, made in an interview, to take over a functional role from rummenigge. The coach has so far said nothing about the offer made at the championship celebration in may.

After the final whistle at the olympiastadion at the earliest, heynckes wants to think about his future after a great coaching career that included two champions league titles. "I always told him: "jupp, there are two ways to say goodbye to bayern munchen: through the rough gate or through the back exit," rummenigge explained. "That’s why i’m glad that jupp is now going through the rough gates – and that people are all talking about him with great respect and applauding him. There is no better farewell for him. He deserves that. And I am very happy about it."

Former monchengladbach player gunter netzer is also happy about it. "When you’re at the top, you can’t add any more recognition to it. The mab of praise, sympathy and affection has been used up, he wouldn’t get it back even if he repeated the success," the former national player said in the "frankfurter allgemeine zeitung," and rattled on about the 68-year-old’s future. "Until the end i was completely convinced that bavaria would be his last stop. But now real madrid has come, and madrid is electrifying for him. But even at real, his only ambition was to achieve everything there. Whether he really dares? I don’t know, that’s what I ask myself."

Heyncke’s youngest spoke with appreciation to rummenigge about his successor pep guardiola. "A few days ago i had coffee with jupp. He said to me: "you will get a great coach. He has a super character. He has super quality. Everything will be fine with him.There’s no envy at all," said the chairman of the board of management. However, heynckes was not happy with the circumstances surrounding the appointment of the spanish star coach at the time.

The appointment of guardiola will keep the tension in the team high even after this great bayern season. "Now we’re getting a new coach in pep, with whom the clocks will be turned back to zero for everyone. That’s why i’m not worried that the team will just slow down and say, ‘we’ve already won the most important titles,’" rummenigge said. "We have the club now where we always wanted it to be. It is a successful, financially stable club. That’s what you have to try to maintain. But success has to be earned anew every year."New players, such as mario gotze, who was signed from borussia dortmund for 37 million euros, should also help in this process.

Heynckes also received a lot of praise from the opposing coach during the cup final against vfb stuttgart. "I want to congratulate jupp and the team on a fantastic season," said coach bruno labbadia. Heynckes is a "role model for the entire coaching profession".


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