Emergency doctor on duty rams parked car

Shortly before 1 p.M., the emergency ambulance was on its way out of town with its blue light and martins horn on. At this point, a column of vehicles had formed in rodach street. Since there was no oncoming traffic, the ambulance driver passed the line on the left. Just before passing the column, the vehicle in front turned left into austrabe. The 46-year-old thuringian woman at the wheel had apparently not registered the emergency doctor approaching from behind with special rights. She crashed the left front corner of her vw into the side of the emergency doctor’s skoda.

The skoda was deflected to the left by the violent impact and crashed head-on into another skoda parked in the area of the entrance to the austrabe. This roomster he pushed through the hedge of a property with full force against the corner of a house. "All the occupants of the vehicles involved obviously had a guardian angel", as it says in the police report. Neither the woman who caused the accident, who was turning left, nor the 26-year-old paramedic driving the vehicle, nor the emergency physician riding with her were injured in the accident. However, there was considerable damage to property. The skoda rammed by the rescue vehicle was only a few weeks old. According to an initial estimate, the damage to the vehicles amounts to almost 40.000 euro.


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