Construction of up to three wind turbines approved

construction of up to three wind turbines approved

At a site meeting on monday evening, the martinsheim community council was informed about the planned burger wind farm south of unterickelsheim. In the end, the council approved the community of interest’s application for the construction of up to three wind turbines.

Whether three wind turbines are actually possible has not yet been decided, explained erwin keller from the company okonergie. This will take over the planning and has as a reference, among others, the immediately neighboring wind farm gollhofen rodheim. Although there are no problems with the montagu’s harrier and the special species protection assessment was positive, a radar survey is still pending. As a result, exact locations cannot yet be specified.

Two wind turbines are planned about one kilometer south of unterickelsheim and another one south of the county road KT 52. Above all, it is important that the value creation should remain on site. As many citizens as possible should participate, even with smaller contributions. Erwin keller wants to raise a total of 40 to 50 percent equity capital, the interest is rough enough, he said. He estimates that each wind turbine will cost between 4 and 4.5 million euros. The diameter of the wind turbines is expected to be 117 meters. The hub height of the turbines is to be 140 meters, the same height as the neighboring wind farm. At the moment, it can’t go any higher because there is no crane that can lift the parts higher, he said in response to a question.

Erwin keller admits that these are striking machines in the landscape. However, he does not see any problems with shadows or noise for the village. The majority of the council was convinced that the site would not have a significant negative impact on the landscape. After all, there are already seven turbines in the immediate vicinity, and two more will soon be built on herrnberchtheim land.

Construction is expected to begin at the end of 2014 at the earliest. Before that, however, the question remains whether martinsheim, together with marktbreit, obernbreit and seinsheim, will draw up a joint land use plan on the subject of wind power, or whether it will continue to go its own way. Mayor august hopf expects a decision in the next two to three months.


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